‘Pokemon Go’: How to Get & Maximize Revives



Once Pokemon Go trainers get to a certain level in the game, revives become more and more important. You may at first think you have far too many revives and will never use them. But the more you start battling in gyms, the more precious you’ll realize that revives are. And you can’t buy extra revives if you run out. So what is the best way to get more revives and use the ones you have wisely?

Here’s what you need to know.

Unfortunately, you can’t just dump a lot of money into Niantic and buy more revives. Some players find revives everywhere, but others seem to have more problems. Pokemon Go players have developed some techniques for using their revives more wisely and getting more.

First, keep an eye on how many items you have. If your bag gets too full, then you’ll run out of space to pick up precious revives at Pokestops.

Second, visit Pokestops a lot. Sometimes you won’t get a revive on your first spin, but that doesn’t mean the Pokestop won’t have a revive to give away.

Third, if you’re low on revives, don’t keep fighting in a gym battle until your Pokemon faints and has to be revived. Instead, switch Pokemon during a battle right before your Pokemon is going to faint. Then keep battling with your other Pokemon until they’re all at near-faint level and then leave the gym. If you time things right, you’ll only have to heal your Pokemon but you won’t have to revive them. If you use this technique all the time, then you’ll only need revives when your gym defender returns home.

Once revives start getting rarer as you battle more, you’ll need to use this technique more frequently. It requires a shift in thinking from when you were a lower-level trainer and could battle all the time, letting your Pokemon faint, without any concerns.

By the way, if you run out of revives and really need to revive a Pokemon, there’s a little trick you can use. Instead of reviving the fainted Pokemon, power it up. This will also revive the Pokemon enough that you can now heal it and put it back to work. Evolving the Pokemon also works. But remember: powering up a Pokemon costs stardust, which in some cases can be even rarer than revives. So make sure you have plenty of stardust first before you try this trick.

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