‘Persona 5’ Running on PC Emulation

Persona 5 is a Playstation exclusive for both PS3 and PS4. For fans of the series without those consoles, they are out of luck and have to resort to not playing or settle for PC emulation. As you can see, it is a far from ideal performance. However, emulation is constantly evolving and being worked on. This what the team had to say on their blog about Persona 5’s emulation as of now.

In fact, Persona 5 is literally 10 times faster in all scenarios now, going from about 1 to about 10 FPS in the opening scene for example. In battles and dungeons Persona 5 can peak at 30 FPS already.

This particular video shows Persona 5 running in RPCS3, a program that will emulate PS3 games on your PC. Emulation isn’t the same as running a game natively so you’ll need a beefy PC if you tried to attempt this. Emulation may fall into an ethical gray area but it can also be a way to play your favorite console games on PC.

If you recall back to last month, you’ll know that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had a sluggish start running on emulation but it is in a much more playable state now. If emulation is your only option for playing a certain game, you’ll have to be patient.


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