‘Pokemon Magikarp Jump’: Top 5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Pokemon Magikarp Jump is a new Pokemon mobile game that follows in the footsteps of Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes before it. Nintendo is really digging deep into the mobile games landscape, and are even working on an Animal Crossing and Zelda mobile game as well.

On the surface, Pokemon Magikarp Jump looks like a very simple game but there are a few things you should probably know about the game before you dive in. We don’t want to leave you splashing around with no idea what do in the game so we’ve compiled some tips that will leave you better prepared to enter the world of Magikarp Jump.

We want you to feel like a Gyarados. Or, you could just evolve your Magikarp into one instead.

If you are looking for ways to do specific things in Pokemon Magikarp Jump, we have the following guides:

Here are the top 5 tips and tricks you need to know to get started in Pokemon Magikarp Jump.

1. Build Up Your Jump Power (JP)

You are able to raise your Magikarp’s JP by giving it food or by training, To eat the food, all you have to do is tap on it and you might have to swipe across your screen to get to more food. Your Magikarp will also get bigger so that’s cool to see.

magikarp jump

Another option is to use your training points to do training. Once you use your points, you’ll have to wait until they regenerate over time to get them back.

2. Get Support Pokemon

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

If you have a friendship item, you will be able to use Support Pokemon to help your Magikarp reach its potential. Support Pokemon will give your Magikarp a boost of JP or restore your training points. After using a skill, you’ll have to wait until it regenerates before you can use it again.

You get friendship items by winning leagues or you can purchase them in the Diamond Shop. You can read more about how to get different Support Pokemon here.

3. Learn What Coins, Diamonds and Support Candies Do

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

The currency in this game is what will make everything happen. Coins are needed to get food and training menus. They are also the easiest currency to come by for free as you obtain them by winning leagues. You get them if you lose too, so don’t worry too much if you go into a battle you can’t win.

Diamonds will let you get specialty items and are mostly micro-transaction driven. Support candies are used to increase your Support Pokemon’s rank and they are mostly obtained by winning leagues.

4. Compete in Leagues

The main draw of Pokemon Magikarp Jump is to compete in leagues. You will put your Magikarp in a competition with another one to see what one can jump the highest. Completing leagues is how you will progress in the game and get coins and items.

magikarp jump

There are eight leagues in the game so you will have a lot of content to go through along with a lot of training to make your Magikarp the jump master. The first league will have four battles before you reach the leader of the league with the fifth battle. Subsequent leagues will grow in size.

5. Decorate Your Home

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Decorations are used to make your Magikarp’s home look nicer but they are also used to improve your Magikarp.

Each decoration has a particular effect on your Magikarp so choose wisely when it comes to decorating your home. You get decorations by winning leagues or you can also just purchase them from the Diamond Shop.

Some of the effects they can have include increasing the amount of food that appears or speeding up how quickly your Magikarp will gain jump power. Keep in mind, you will benefit from having these decorations, even if you don’t put them in your house.