‘Prey’: How to Find the Preorder Bonus Shotgun and Items

Prey 2017 Pre Order

So you want that fancy shotgun “The Margrave” along with the neuromods, medkits, shotgun shells fabrication plan, crafting materials, and more you get by pre-ordering Prey, right? While the game doesn’t automatically give you the bonus, it tells you right from the beginning where they are.

But first of all, you need to actually download the preorder bonus along with the game before you can access it. Reports say that even if you download the bonus you still won’t be able to access it if you started the game already. People have also tried starting a new game but that hasn’t worked either. I don’t have any definite solutions but you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling everything.

The preorder bonus can be found in a safe (it looks kind of like an upscale metal refrigerator) inside your office on Talos-I. Just make it through the Talos-I lobby and head up the stairs to the right past the Transtar Exhibit. Be careful of the mimic ambush and the phantom in the exhibit. You can’t really miss it as you need to visit it to progress through the game and it’s got “The Office of Morgan Yu” on top of the door. It will be located in the corner of the office next to a bookcase, a plant, and a box.

Not only do you have a cool shotgun, you have a recipe for your fabricator to create shotgun shells. The fabricator is located in your office in the room next to your desk. You can find a guide on how to craft shotgun shells and other items here.

Have fun blasting Phantoms with your new shotgun!

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