How to Unlock the Drugstore Safe in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Drug Store Safe

Resident Evil 3 once again thrusts you into nightmarish Raccoon City. You play as Jill Valentine, a member of the Raccoon City Police Department and current obsession of the hulking Nemesis. Just like previous entries in this franchise, there are numerous small puzzles, safes, and keys for you to uncover. One of the earliest is tied to the dead drugstore owner. When you find his corpse there’s a note next to safe explaining that the code has something to do with a, ahem, performance enhancer called Aqua Cure.

To locate the safe code, make your way out the door to your right and kill the zombie in your way. Head outside and down the stairs towards the pharmacy. Be careful because there are two zombies on the street, so deal with them first before heading inside. Go the back of the store and look at the poster for Aqua Cure. At the bottom, you’ll see three numbers circled in red, along with the direction you need to turn each one.

Drug Store Safe Code

It’s possible this code is different for everyone, but mine was 9 (Left), 1 (Right), 8 (Left). Inside you’ll find a red dot sight for your G17 Handgun, which is quite useful when you’re trying to headshot zombies! Don’t forget to pick up the box of ammo next to the corpse adjacent to the Aqua Cure poster. There are a lot of zombies in Resident Evil 3, so you’ll need all the help you can get.