Diablo 3 Adds New Necromancer & Demon Hunter Sets

diablo 3 necromancer demon hunter ptr set

Epic Games

It was only a matter of time before the Necromancer and Demon Hunter got some love in Diablo 3 since the other classes have already gotten their sets in previous patches.

Introduced as part of the 2.6.9 PTR update, the Necromancer and Demon Hunter will both be getting new sets to celebrate Diablo 3 Season 21. This is only a formality at this point, but it’s exciting nonetheless because now every class has a new set to play around with.

The PTR kicks off on Thursday, May 21 and will run for two weeks. As with every PTR, the idea of them is to discover bugs and glitches that wouldn’t otherwise be discovered, as well as testing how the new content looks and performs.

The two sets may have their stats tweaked between the PTR and the live version, so don’t become too attached to them.

New Necromancer Set

Bone Spear fans out there will like this set as having the full six pieces will increase damage for this beloved skill by 10,000 percent.

You’ll also want to prioritize having a Simulacrum too since you’ll get some huge bonuses from that too. Take a look at the new set:

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Your Simulacrums no longer take damage, gains all runes, and its cooldown is refreshed when you die.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    While you have a Simulacrum, damage is reduced by 50%. Damage you take is split with your Simulacrums as well.
  • 6-Piece Bonus
    Your Bone Spear deals 10,000% increased damage. Simulacrums gain triple this bonus.

It certainly sounds like it’ll be an interesting set to play around with, even if it doesn’t end up altering the meta in a huge way.

New Demon Hunter Set

Demon Hunters are also getting a massive damage increase with their new set. On top of that, mobility is also being increased, so this sounds like it’ll be a fun set to crush through Greater Rifts with.

Let’s take a look.

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Gain a Momentum stack when attacking with a Primary skill. Each Momentum stack lasts 2 seconds at a maximum duration of 10 seconds. Your Primary skills deal 10% more damage per stack of Momentum.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    Casting Strafe against enemies will automatically shoot your last used primary skill, and also give 60% damage reduction while strafing and for 5 seconds after. While casting Strafe, you move faster per stack of Momentum.
  • 6-Piece Bonus
    Your primary skills deal 10000% more damage

The two new sets sound like they’ll be quite exciting, so let’s hope they are as good in the game as they sound on paper! Diablo 3 Season 21 still has no definitive launch date, but it’ll certainly be here sooner rather than later.

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