Fortnite Second Location Domination Challenges Leak

fortnite location domination challenges

Epic Games

There will soon be another round of challenges available for Fortnite players that will offer up an extraordinary amount of experience for those who are still looking to finish off their Battle Pass or earn some extra XP before the end of the season.

The Location Domination challenges are special objectives that will require you to complete tasks in certain spots of the map. They are meant to encourage you to perhaps play a bit outside of your playstyle and mix up your drop spots.

For everyone out there who is starving for some more Fortnite content in the form of challenges, you’re in luck. There are a whopping 30 challenges to complete, so it will surely take hours and hours of playtime to get everything done.

This latest leak is courtesy of Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, someone who has been very active with their leaks this season. He says these challenges will be available beginning May 14, so you’ll want to make sure you keep an eye out for them on that day.

On that date, we’ll be a little over two weeks into the Season 2 extension, which means the start of the upcoming season will be that much closer.

It’ll also be important to keep an eye on the teasers for the new season, which have already started appearing in the game and have started to ramp up in recent days.

The newest development is the appearance of strange cables in the Battle Pass part of the main menu. Leakers have tied this to the Doomsday scenario that is supposedly getting set to debut in the game.

Whatever Epic Games has in store for the remainder of this season, we suspect it’ll be better than the last considering they didn’t even feature a live event for that.

It’s clear that the developers are building towards some this time around, which is always good to see since the live events are some of the coolest video game experiences we’ve seen in recent memory.

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