New Fortnite BTS Emotes Leak Ahead of Concert

fortnite bts emotes

Epic Games / BTS

Ahead of the upcoming Fortnite Party Royale concert featuring Kpop juggernaut BTS, there will be two special emotes available.

These two emotes, choreographed by BTS themselves, will be available in the item shop before the concert. This is a departure from some of the other event emotes we’ve seen in the past, the Travis Scott concert as an example.

Whatever the reasoning behind this decision may be, thanks to leaks we now know what the emotes will look like, and they are definitely among some of the best we’ve seen so far in Fortnite.

Despite what your feelings may be on BTS, it’s hard to deny the amount of work that was put into these.

First Look at BTS Emotes

The two Dynamite emotes will not only feature your character dancing, but will also play a song and have special effects coming off your skin.

Fortnite leaker FireMonkey gave us our first look at these emotes, albeit without sound to avoid any copyright issues. You can check the replies to his tweet to listen to the music.

BTS is a worldwide phenomenon, so it’s hard to imagine these emotes not being scooped up with a lot of excitement by players all over the globe.

What Will These Cost?

Something that hasn’t been talked about yet is what these emotes will cost, and unfortunately, that information has not leaked.

The emotes go on sale September 23, a couple of days before the show actually begins, so we’ll find out the price of them then. There’s little chance they’ll cost as much as a skin, so don’t go into this expecting to spend around 2,000 V-Bucks, unless you’re planning on picking both up.

The concert kicks off September 25, and there will also be a rerun the next morning for anybody who missed out the first time around. There are only two showings in total, so you’ll want to make sure you secure your spot if you don’t want to watch the action in a YouTube video the next day.

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