Fortnite Baby Yoda Back Bling Has a Major Problem

fortnite baby yoda back bling broken

Epic Games

Anybody who completes the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass will gain access to the Baby Yoda back bling, the character who became an instant star in the Disney+ show The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda is just icing on the cake for the Battle Pass as just purchasing it will unlock Mando himself, which is the main draw, but having the back bling is a nice bonus.

However, despite how cool Baby Yoda actually is, he comes with one major issue that is stopping a lot of players from using him. As you know, having actual vision is an important factor in Fortnite, as not being able to see will mean you’re not going to be winning many fights.

As it turns out, this back bling is so massive that it’ll actually block your sight while aiming.

Baby Yoda Creates Adult-Sized Problems

In the video posted by Reddit suer SweggyBoi, you can see how problematic the back bling can be as aiming down sights or even looking up can cause a lot of issues.

There’s not really a simple fix to this since he’s floating behind you in a giant pod, so it seems like the logical option would be to make him like Baby Groot where he sits on your back.

We’re not entirely sure that’d be in the cards for Epic since putting him in the pod remains true to the show, and while lore might not exactly matter in Fortnite, it’d be weird to see a change like that nonetheless.

What’s The Fix?

In terms of what you can do as a workaround, the simple suggestion would be to just not use the back bling at all. Of course, that’s not exactly the news you want to hear, but until Epic does something, it’s just not worth the hassle.

On the other hand, if you’re fine with losing a lot of your sight while aiming, then feel free to keep on using this back bling. Considering the fact this issue has been around all season, it would seem a bit strange for Epic to do something about it now.

Then again, if there’s enough of an uproar, their hand might be forced.

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