Fortnite “The Foundation” Linked to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

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If you’ve booted up Fortnite since Season 6 began, then you already know that The Foundation played a big role in the cinematic.

Jonesy pled with this mysterious member of The Seven for help with containing the Zero Point and it looks like Jonesy got his wish.

We don’t know exactly what it cost, but many fans are speculating about who The Foundation could potentially be.

Since a lot of the Fortnite characters have voices now, there is a need for voice actors. The ubiquitous Troy Baker voiced Jonesy, so now some fans are thinking Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a link to The Foundation.

This isn’t just coming out of nowhere, so let’s take a look at exactly what the speculation is all about.

The Rock = The Foundation?

A post on Reddit by matteoiceman shows that The Foundations skin bears some similarities with The Rock.

The easiest thing to hone in on his his tattoo appears to be covered up with armor in Fortnite, if it is indeed based on The Rock.

While this would seem like enough speculation needed, there’s even more information to back up this fan theory and it comes from Instagram.

In a video posted by The Rock, he has the simple caption of “The Foundation” and he goes on and on about how March 16 being a big day, which was the same day Season 6 started.

All of this could end up being one big coincidence, but it’s tough to know for sure. The Foundation did speak in the event, but his voice was all distorted and there was no way to tell exactly who was voicing him.

This isn’t even the first time The Rock was linked to Fortnite either, so this could just end up being the latest tease that he’s coming to the game.

Hints Go Back to November

Back in November when there was a Thanksgiving Day float that looked a Rock Fortnite skin, he teased a possibility of that happening.

Now, getting an actual skin that looks like him is way different that being the voice of The Foundation, but it shows that he’s at least aware of Fortnite.

The Rock is no stranger to the video game world as he’s been a staple in the WWE 2K series and has been the cover star in the past, so we already have an idea of what a digital version of him would look like.

Obviously, Fortnite uses a much different style than we’d be used to in other games, so it wouldn’t be a direct translation from WWE to the battle royale.

Things would be even different if he actually ends up being The Foundation, something we likely won’t be finding out until much later in the season, if ever.

Big cinematics like this don’t typically happen too often in Fortnite, so we might even have to wait until the very end of the season to find out more. Perhaps we could get more teases before that point.

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