UFC.com Hacker, 23 Others Arrested In F.B.I. Sting

UFC.com hacker arrested in F.B.I. sting

The individual responsible for hacking the official website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship this past January has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The hacker Mir Islam, better known as JoshTheGod, was one of 24 who were arrested on Tuesday as a part of two-year sting operation by the F.B.I.

The government organization created “Operation Card Shop” by creating a website called Carder Profit, which appeared as “a veritable EBay for thieves,” according to the New York Times.

Islam was involved in operating websites such as UG Nazi and Carders.org. He was arrested for making profits off of stolen credit card information. He had information on 50,000 credit card accounts, according to the United States Attorney for the Southern District. An attempt by Islam to use a credit card, purchased from an undercover agent, at an ATM led to his arrest.

Both UGNazi.com and Carders.org have been shut down. Information on others arrested can be found at NYTimes.com.

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