Leighla Schultz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The fiancee of WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, Leighla Schultz, is definitely wrong for a recent leak of nude pics she posted on Twitter and Instagram. The nude leaks of a major WWE Superstar and an NXT Diva have floated all over the web, which wrestling fans have been shocked to see. Here’s everything you need to know about the woman who posted up Rollins’ nude pics, Leighla Schultz.

1. Leighla Schultz Was Responsible for Posting Up Seth Rollins’ Nude Pics

Once the nude pics of NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber were posted to Rollins’ Twitter and Instagram accounts, Leighla Schultz followed it up with her posting of Seth Rollins’ nude photos. To make matters even worse, the nude pics posted to Rollins’ account appeared on WWE.com, due to the fact that the company website includes links to their talent’s social media accounts.

The naked pics of Rollins were posted up via Leighla’s own Twitter page, which has now been taken down. Check out the tweet above to read Leighla’s own admission of what she did. It’s still unknown if Rollins’ social media accounts were hacked or not, though.

2. Leighla’s Relationship Status on Facebook Has Been Changed

Leighla Schultz’s personal Facebook profile is still up. In an interesting turn of events, a Tweet posted by a wrestling fan showed that Leighla changed her Facebook relationship status to “Single.”

3. She Hails From Houston, Texas

According to her official Facebook page, Leighla Schultz is originally from Houston, Texas. She currently resides in Davenport, Iowa. Her major in college was Cosmetology and she conducted her studies at Capri College. She graduated in 2009. Her profession is listed as a hair stylist and make up artist who currently works at Salon Halo. Her past jobs include working at Sephora and Tribeca Colorsalons.

4. She Got Engaged to Rollins in 2014

Seth Rollins Leighla Schultz

FabWags.com reported that Leighla Schultz and Seth Rollins (real name Colby Lopez) were together for six years. Rollins proposed to Schultz in May of 2014 and had been engaged up until the news of these nude pics leaked.

5. Rollins Apologized for the Nude Pic Leaks on His Twitter Page

The same day that the nude photos of Rollins and Zahra Schreiber hit the web, Rollins had to perform live on WWE RAW. Hours after the show came to an end, Rollins posted up a public apology to WWE fans via his official Twitter page. However, he made no mention of the NXT Diva he’s rumored to be cheating with or his now former fiancee Leighla Schultz.

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