SnagaStool After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Co-Founder

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SnagaStool entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with its solution to booking a seat at a crowded bar. Although they did not get a deal, the company is still enjoying tremendous growth. Heavy interviewed co-founder Jamie Manning before his episode re-airs on August 21. Here is what he told us about…

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Their Growth Since the Show

Between the time we filmed in September of 2014, and the time we aired in April of 2015, we improved our service based on our partners, guests, and the Sharks’ feedback. We added the ability to book more than bar stools; booths, tables, patios, during premium times. Guests pay a fee to book a table during big events like the Mayweather fight, games and the Kentucky derby. We also partnered with some great charities to help raise money by selling VIP tables during their events. We also had the opportunity to meet with hospitality groups, Grill 23 and new investors. We even got an office at

The Sharks’ Assessment…& Being On Stage For An Hour

bar stool app, shark tank august 21

One thing I really appreciate about the Sharks is their candid feedback. They don’t sugarcoat anything. I agreed with their feedback and much of it we learned during our testing period. The one thing people don’t know is that we were on stage for about an hour and only about eight minutes was actually aired. There was another 50 minutes of great conversation and learning about our business.

Hiring More Help

My co-founder, Adriano Varassin, and I had to double down on the amount of time we contributed to SnagaStool and work full time on it. We also hired a social media manager and worked with our alma mater, Suffolk University, where eight students worked on SnagaStool for their capstone project doing everything from marketing, user and venue feedback, to setting up events and starting a blog.

His Advice for ‘Tank’ Contestants

I have a ton of advice! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @jamiejmann. I answer every email and tweet from future entrepreneurs seeking advice. My advice is simple – just do it. Nothing gets done by planning or waiting for the right moment. If you feel you have a great Shark Tank idea, get out there and start meeting people and working on it. Don’t wait for the perfect time to apply, it may never come. Go out and apply for local pitch-offs, you never know who may be in the audience. That’s how we were discovered, Shark Tank casting was in the audience!

Plans For the Future

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We are always evaluating new opportunities and pivots. With the great experience of running a startup, building a phenomenal team, marketing, growing and pitching to investors, we will keep our eyes open for all new opportunities. I truly believe in dynamic pricing for micro space. The micro space can be anything – parking, deck chairs by the pool, tennis courts, bar stools or picnic tables in the park. We are meeting with investors and invite any investors who feel passionate about the on-demand micro space market to reach out! We would love to build an amazing service with you!

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