Kent Guinn, Mayor of Ocala: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kent Guinn, Mayor of Ocala

Mayor Kent Guinn. (Facebook)

A Florida mayor has been named on a list of people that hacktivist group Anonymous claims are associated with the Ku Klux Klan. The city official is Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn, 60, a Republican from the city in central Florida.

On the morning of November 2, Guinn’s name was leaked with dozens of others by the Anyonmous. In a statement, the group said:

After closely observing so many of you for so very long, we feel confident that applying transparency to your organizational cells is the right, just, appropriate and only course of action. You are abhorrent. Criminal. You are more than extremists. You are more than a hate group. You operate much more like terrorists and you should be recognized as such.

Mayor Guinn has denied the allegation, saying he’s not a member and that Anonymous is trying to discredit him. His office told Click Orlando that they’re working with local police to investigate the allegation.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Guinn’s Name Appeared on the List With Several Other Prominent US Politicans

In the Anonymous list, Guinn is named along with seven other politicians in the U.S., including Senators Tom Tillis from North Carolina and John Cornyn from Texas. Also named are mayors of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Lexington, Kentucky. Initially, the group had promised to publish 1,000 names of KKK affiliated people.

2. Guinn Got 65% of the Vote When He Was Reelected in September 2015

In September 2015, Mayor Guinn was reelected with nearly 65 percent of the vote, reported He told the website why he won so decisively: “You need to genuinely care about the people you serve. Whether someone is a billionaire or homeless, I treat everyone the same. I can disagree with people, but I can still work with them. People trust me, genuinely know I care about them, and (I) run a clean campaign.” He then dedicated the win to Ocala police officer Jared Forsyth, who was killed during a training accident in 2015.

Guinn was first elected in 2011, having spent the previous 12 years of his political career on the city’s council.

3. He’s Been Married to His Wife for 35 Years

Kent Guinn, Mayor of Ocala


According to his Facebook page, Guinn is a native of Ocala and a graduate of Florida State University. In his professional life, Guinn is an insurance advisor at Guinn, Shields & Co.

Kent Guinn racist, anonymous kkk list

Guinn and his wife, Sandra, pictured with constituents. (Facebook)

He has two sons with his wife, Sandra. The couple have been married for 35 years, according to his official profile. That bio says child welfare and advocacy have been Guinn’s passion. He is an adopted person and has been on the board of the Children’s Home Society Mid-Florida Division, the group he was adopted through.

4. Guinn Is Accused of Being Associated With a KKK Group That Is ‘Not as Bad as Everybody Thinks,’ According to the Group’s Leader

Frank Ancona bio facts linkedin

Traditional American Knights of the KKK leader Frank Ancona. (LinkedIn)

Guinn is accused of being associated with the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The group’s website encourages people to join, saying:

Join The KKK. Our children, our race, and our Nation have no future unless we unite and organize White Christian Patriots. Join The Ku Klux Klan.

The media, government propagandists and their ilk (splc, adl, and all their demonic supporters) will try their best to convince you the KKK is no longer relevant. If this were so they would not devote so much time to trying to demonize it and mischaracterize it’s sublime Truths.

The group is fronted by Park Hills, Missouri, resident Frank Ancona. He told a British documentary in 2014, “We’re not bad like everybody thinks we are. Most of us are in it for the fraternal brotherhood aspect of it.” Another group member, John, credited the KKK with saving his marriage. In November 2014, Anonymous alleged that members of the Ferguson, Missouri, police force were also members of the Traditional American Knights of the KKK.

5. Over 20% of Ocala Residents Are Black



In May 2015, Guinn decided not to run for Florida’s state house and chose to stay on as Ocala mayor. The city has a population of close to 60,000. It’s 63 percent white, over 20 percent African-American, a little over 10 percent Hispanic, 2 percent Asian and 2 percent “other.”