WATCH: Donald Trump Supporter Yells ‘Sieg Heil’ at Protester During Rally

A supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign screamed out the Nazi salute “sieg heil” as a Black Lives Matter protester was removed from a Trump rally Monday night in Las Vegas. You can watch video of the incident above.

The salute means “hail to victory” and is often accompanied by the raising of the right arm. NBC News, which recorded the video of the incident, reports that other supporters yelled “shoot him!,” “kick his ass” and “light the motherf**cker on fire” as the man was removed from the rally.

The “light the motherf**cker on fire” comment can clearly be heard in this video from Buzzfeed News’ McKay Coppins:

According to MSNBC reporter Benjy Sarlin, another Trump fan yelled out “he’s a Muslim guy” at another protester:

The Associated Press also posted video of protesters being removed from the rally Monday night:

Trump has typically taken interruptions in stride, telling supporters to boo, and calling the protesters terrible people. His fans have been instructed to chant Trump’s name to drown out the protesters. His entire Monday night speech can be watched below:

Trump, who remains the Republican frontrunner, is scheduled to take part in the CNN Republican debate Tuesday night in Las Vegas. Also on Monday, Trump released a letter from his doctor, who reported the New York real estate mogul is in exceptional health. Read more about the doctor’s note at the link below: