Are the Powerball Winners, John and Lisa Robinson, Being Sued?

Lisa Robinson John and Daughter

Lisa and John Robinson with their daughter Tiffany. (Facebook)

Are the Powerball winners John and Lisa Robinson being sued? Has someone filed a lawsuit against them and their daughter, Tiffany? Yes, it’s not a hoax. John and Lisa Robinson, one of three people who won the historic $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot, are being sued. The plaintiff is Jonathan Lee Riches, known for filing hundreds of lawsuits against famous celebrities and groups, ranging from George Bush to Somali pirates. As of April 2015, he had filed 3,683 lawsuits, according to LawyersAndSettlements.

Here’s what you need to know.

Jonathan Lee Riches Filed a Lawsuit Against the Powerball Winners and Lottery Companies


Jonathan Lee Riches filed a lawsuit against the Powerball winners. (Facebook/Jonathan Lee Riches)

Jonathan Lee Riches filed a lawsuit against John and Lisa Robinson, their daughter Tiffany, the Multi-State Lottery Association, Powerball,, and Tennessee Education Lottery. You can read the entire filing at this link, where the handwritten Riches v. Powerball claim was posted online by Wood Attorneys At Law.

In his handwritten claim, Riches write that he’s out of prison and homeless. He wrote that he should get half of their winnings and wants an injunction and restraining order because he’s “the actual winner.” Riches was previously jailed after he violated his federal probation by driving to Newtown, Conn. in 2012, days after the Sandy Hook shooting, and pretended to be the uncle of alleged gunman Adam Lanza, TribLive reported. He was originally jailed after pleading guilty to using email to scam credit card numbers from online users. While he was in federal prison in Kentucky, he filed up to four handwritten petitions a day to state courts, according to TribLive.

Riches Is Known For Filing Lawsuits Against Celebrities

Riches is known across the country for filing lawsuits against celebrities and other famous people. In fact, as of April 2015, he had filed 3,683 lawsuits, LawyersAndSettlements reported. TribLive said he was called “Johnny Sue-nami” for filing thousands of frivolous lawsuits. Although he often files cases in his own name, he sometimes files hoax cases under other names, The Smoking Gun reported, citing a case against Johnny Manziel as an example. Riches has filed lawsuits against George W. Bush, Martha Stewart, NASCAR driver JEff Gordon, Michael Vick, Steve Jobs, Perez Hilton, Somali pirates, Britney Spears, and many others.

In 2015, he also filed 567 open records appeals to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records, TribLive reported. These included appeals to the police and fire department, universities, district attorneys, and even the Milk Marketing Board.

He Said He Paid for the Powerball Ticket Because the Robinsons ‘Couldn’t Afford It’

riches lawsuit, powerball lawsuit

Part of Riches’ lawsuit against the Robinsons.

In his handwritten complaint, Riches said that he and Tiffany Robinson were pen pals and planning to run away together. He wrote:

I sent her $20 dollars from my prison trust fund account and told her to use the money for Powerball tickets because if we win we will leave America and live on a remote island full of milk and honey.”

He then added: “I told Tiffany to give my money to her parents Lisa and John Robinson to buy Powerball tickets because they couldn’t afford to buy.”

Later, he wrote that watching them win the tickets was devastating since he was homeless.

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