What Did Chris Christie Say About Trump Today?

chris christie press conference

What did Gov. Chris Christie say in his press conference? Did he respond to Mitt Romney’s scathing speech? (Getty)

Gov. Chris Christie has come under a huge amount of criticism and social media teasing since he announced that he was endorsing Donald Trump for president. He hosted a press conference shortly after Mitt Romney delivered a scathing speech, where Romney told conservatives that they shouldn’t support Donald Trump if they want America to continue to prosper. Christie was also the highlight of a lot of Internet jokes after he stood behind Trump during his entire speech on Super Tuesday, sparking a meme called #FreeChrisChristie. Meanwhile, six newspapers in New Jersey are calling for Christie to step down as Governor.

These are the highlights from Chris Christie’s press conference:

He Addressed Complaints About Not Being in Town

Christie started the conference by talking about how the unemployment rate in New Jersey had been cut in half since he was governor. He mentioned all the successes he had before talking about what everyone’s been wondering.

“I’ve been out of the presidential race for 22 days and been here 19 of those days,” he said, addressing complaints that he’s been gone too often since endorsing Trump. He added that he might also take time off for his wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

Christie Explained Why He Endorsed Trump

Then he finally addressed the big question:

“I made no secret that Donald Trump and I have been friends for 14 years. I believe he’s the best person to beat Hillary Clinton. And as a Republican I feel strongly about making sure Hillary Clinton does not become President of the United States.”

He added that he obviously thought he was better to beat Clinton, but the public didn’t.

Some friends of his have disagreed with Christie’s decision to endorse Trump, he said, but that’s how life in politics works “if you don’t sit on the sidelines.”

I’m not a full time surrogate for Donald Trump… I’m an endorser for Donald Trump.”

Christie then addressed the Supreme Court nomination. “I will do everything I need to do to make the judicial confirmation process fair, within the power of the governorship.”

He added later that he didn’t endorse Trump because he was seeking an appointment from Trump.

“I cannot foresee the future when none of that future is within my hands…”

Christie Is Not Going to Resign

One question was about newspapers calling for his resignation. He said he had no intention of resigning and one of the newspapers asking him to do so was simply trying to stay relevant while the paper’s numbers declined.

He added that he was told to reconsider being governor only if he was going to be out of town all the time with Trump. But he doesn’t plan on doing that.

He Then Addressed the #FreeChrisChristie Meme

When asked about the press conference on Super Tuesday, Christie said that he was happy, not upset, and was acting appropriately because Trump was addressing the National Press Corps.

“This is part of the hysteria from the people who oppose my Trump endorsement. No I wasn’t being held hostage. No I wasn’t up there thinking, ‘Oh my God, what have I done.'”

For those who were concerned, I wasn’t being held hostage.”

He said he was happy and felt he was acting appropriately. Twitter, of course, is already reacting:

He Said Romney’s Speech Was Just a Disagreement That Happens in Politics

As for Mitt Romney, he said they are good friends and Romney’s speech won’t change his respect for Romney and their friendship. They have a difference of opinion, Christie said, and that’s just how it goes in a primary. He added that he wished Romney would endorse a candidate.

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