Election Fraud Update: How You Can Help in California

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 09: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), speaks during a campaign rally at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium June 9, 2016 in Washington, DC. After a meeting with President Barack Obama earlier at the White House, Sanders said he will work with Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump in the presidential election. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Many Bernie Sanders supporters in California are concerned about election fraud. (Getty)

Many Bernie Sanders supporters are still very concerned about the possibility of election fraud in California and beyond. Nearly 2 million ballots are still uncounted, which could result in a big change in the results of the California primary, where Hillary Clinton currently has 1.9 million votes to Sanders’ 1.5 million. If you are among the people in California who are concerned about election fraud, there are a few things that you can do to help.

Here’s what you need to know.

Check Your Vote-by-Mail or Provisional Ballot’s Status

First, if you voted by mail or by provisional ballot in California, you can check on your ballot’s status and make sure that your vote is counted. Visit this website and go to your county, clicking on the link for provisional or vote-by-mail. There, you’ll be able to determine the current status of your ballot.

Volunteer to Help Oversee Ballot Counting

You can also help oversee counting of provisional and vote-by-mail ballots. Close to two million still have not been counted. Many NPP (No Party Preference) voters were given provisional ballots on primary day. Many of the people who posted complaints about this were Sanders supporters. So if you live in the California area and want to help, you can volunteer to observe the vote counting. You can sign up to help at this website.

Let Officials Know About Any Discrepancies You Encountered

If you encountered discrepancies with your vote, don’t just let it go. Let officials who are working on documenting this and demanding recounts know about your issues.

Contact Election Justice USA and let them know if you encountered a problem. Election Justice USA is recording instances of voter registration changes and has filed lawsuits in several locations. Fill out the form here to report any problems.

Here’s one example of a discrepancy some voters were encountering:

Bernie Sanders votes are NOT being counted in California!Tried voting for Bernie & ONLY Bernie today (I wasn't knowledgable enough on any other position to choose) and 4 ballots were spit back out with printed receipts of "NO SELECTION". Both NPP AND NPP-Democratic crossover ballots were used is I'm registered NPP. If you made multiple selections, it will read all but #15 and voters would never know. Vote for BERNIE ONLY, make no other selections on the ballot and watch it get REJECTED. I'm appalled at our system, afraid for our country, and sorry for the man that wanted to save both.2016-06-08T08:45:29.000Z

In the video, it appears that the voter’s ballot only had Bernie Sanders marked and no one was selected on the down ballot. Because of this, for some reason, the machine’s optical scanner rejected the ballot as having no votes. Overcoming this issue required overriding the rejection and manually entering the vote for Sanders.

The primary in California was full of issues, ranging from voters’ registrations being changed to poll workers’ being trained to give out provisional ballots.

More and More Stories of Voter Issues Have Been Surfacing

An increasing number of stories about voter issues have been surfacing since the California primary. Some of this concern is connected to exit polls, which show significant discrepancies between exit polls and actual election results. According to Election Justice USA, an early voter exit poll in California showed Clinton leading Sanders by less than 10 percent in Los Angeles county, but results posted on primary day showed her winning vote-by-mail by 66.6 to 34.4 percent. The exit poll was praised by mainstream journalists for its accuracy. But with a discrepancy of over 23 percent, things looked suspicious.

But that wasn’t the only problem that people encountered. You can see examples in this video:

Problems included getting an email confirmation of being able to vote, only to arrive at the polling station and find out the registration wasn’t valid. Some people learned that the machines were broken when they arrived at the polling location, and they were given provisional ballots instead. These aren’t guaranteed to be counted. In fact, many people in California were given provisional ballots after their registration was changed or other issues cropped up:

One person on Reddit shared that their mom had received a Republican primary ballot in the mail. After checking online, they discovered that her status, which was previously Democrat, had been changed to Republican.

In our last story about election problems in California, many people shared their problems in the comment section. One commenter, Sharon Agee, shared that she had always voted Democrat but for some reason got a non-partisan mail-in ballot. Another commenter, Rebecca Speer, said that her husband got a Republican ballot and was told he registered as a Republican in 2016, despite being a lifelong Democrat.

The issues aren’t limited to California. They’ve been reported in many other states also. In Washington, D.C., for example, many voters reported their party affiliations mysteriously changed or dropped. The Washington Post reported that one issue was a bug in a mobile app where users who changed their address lost their party affiliation. However, people who hadn’t used the app also experienced problems. And in Chicago, one person who was part of a group auditing the election wrote that he actually saw votes being erased for Bernie and added for Clinton in ledgers as they tallied votes that were being read out loud.

Right now, if you are in California, the best thing you can do is report any discrepancies you encountered to Election Justice USA and, if you have time, volunteer to observe the ballot counting process.