Ken Bone Halloween Costume Ideas: The Pictures You Need to See

As America knows by now, a coal plant operator from Illinois by the name of Ken (or Kenneth) Bone became the breakout star of the second presidential debate. He was identified as an uncommitted voter, and he's told the media he's still uncommitted. With minutes of posing a question to the candidates, Bone went viral on Twitter, with memes and jokes flying. Some people made fun of him, but others praised Bone and declared that he was exactly what America needs in a campaign season that sometimes seems like a circus. While the candidates engaged in theatrics, Bone calmly took the microphone and asked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?” It wasn't his question that made him so memorable, though. It was his every man appeal. And most people commented on his fashion sense. Bone's cuddly looking red sweater, his khaki pants, and his distinctive microphone all combined to make his look memorable. It wasn't long before Bone, now a national celebrity, found himself hounded by reporters. He was even invited on the Jimmy Kimmel show. And, on Twitter, many people decided that they had found their Halloween costume for 2016: Ken Bone. How does one pull a Kenneth Bone Halloween costume off? That's not so hard to do - provided you can find the red sweater. Various retailers were selling out of men's red sweaters fast as legions of Bone fans rushed to purchase them. Some people were even dressing their pets or babies like Kenneth Bone. A new American hero was born. (Twitter)

1 Comment

1 Comment

Jeraldine Eason

Very strange . How does asking a question make you a hero? are we getting so stupid that we do not know what words mean anymore? The man may be cool, he may be interesting and insightful, he may be many things, but “A Hero”? like a fire fighter? or a solder who saves his whole platoon? A doctor who researches a cure that saves thousands? someone who jumps into a river to save a drowning child? what do they mean hero? All the man did was ask the same question that has been asked by dozens of others. Are people really so desperate they will make a hero out of a red sweater? Or (more likely) is this just media hype so we will not be talking about what really went down? like drumph stalking Hillary all over the stage and looking like a coked up freak?

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