Donald Trump and President Obama White House Meeting: The Photos You Need to See


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We now have a Nationalist GOP party with Donald Trump. The FBI, Chavetz, Gowdy, Guiliani, and Christie, will not run rampant with their pursuit of indicting Hillary, together with Judicial Watch. President Obama should pardon her in advance. The abuse of political power and hatred is just getting started with this bunch.

Patti Herndon

Sweetie. Take a breath. Sit on your little hands and stop wiggling around. Try to focus. You’re the little engine that may or may not have the comprehension skill set to process facts over fiction-is-fun in answer to your own inquiry. Okay. Here we go: SHE WAS CLEARED. See there? Just three little words, honey. You can read right? No TBI that would keep you from understanding fact, right? You did real good. Now run along and get your mat. It’s 2-fer story time. Your favorites: “Pinocchio” and “If You Give the Orange Thingy a Cookie”.


There was an American Cultural Revolution on November 8th. at the Ballot box, and it was loud and clear. American’s rejected SOCIALISM and GLOBALISM!!! Thank you very much, with a real American Patriot at the helm Trump will show the World how; Capitalism, Borders, Language and Culture are the key’s to prosperity for all countries !!!


Well, let me make something perfectly clear! Hilary’ email stuff seemed to be the only Issue that were brought out by the FBI, AFTER so MANY HRS OF TESTIFYING IN FRONT OF CONGRESS FOR HOURS! They couldn’t do anything! So WHO authorized the FBI Intervene on a Political issue that was not in their territory?! And then for that BS in Oct?! Their noses had NO BUSINESS doing what Comey said and did with absolutely NO EXPLANATION! WTF!!
NOTHING ABOUT TRUMP AND IS UPCOMING TRIAL about DEFAULTING ON STUDENTS THAT PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR GUARANTEED REAL EDUCATION AND JOBS? This starts on Nov 28th. Curious as to that because the Judge is the American Mexican Judge he said was unqualified and needed to be deported back to Mexico! Should be interesting. Also, why was the Media attacking more of his Bankrupties and failure to pay Contractors and Employees that he hired to build his Casinos, Hotels , etc! THINK PEOPLE ABOUT SUCH A SHADY, CORRUPT AND LYING INDIVIDUAL PERSON YOU. VOTED INTO OUR COUNTRIES HIGHEST POSITION, AND SUCH A RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOB, BIGOT AGAINST MUSLIM PEOPLE. OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF OUR NATIVE AMERICANS, ARE BUILT ON IMMIGRANTS! What is Trump’s TRUE ANCESTRY!? Someone needs to check that out! What makes you think that a Business man that filed Bankruptcy for ALMOST 1 BILLION DOLLARS is going to help the BLUE COLLAR AND MIDDLE CLASS, URBAN AREA PEOPLE TO MAKE ANYTHING DIFFERENTLY!?!???!? I am sooooo disappointed in my fellow Veterans and WOMEN THAT SUPPORTED HIS DISGUSTING Verbage. It’s Very obvious that Trump DOES HAVE A FOLLOWING OF RACISTS! I AM NOT SAYING ALL, however He sends out a VERY STRONG MESSAGE ACKNOWLEDGING HATRED! I, quite frankly can only pray that Pence and Ryan HOLD DOWN THE FORT AGAINST TRUMP’S activities. Because, quite frankly, HE is TERRIFYING.God Bless this United States of America and I Pray this man does NOT TAKE US BACK 50 or MORE YEARS! At 70 yrs old HIS SPOTS CANNOT CHANGE!


Who’s running the corrupt show moron? Hillary and Billy Bob the Rapist is guilty as hell, and it will all come out when we have an honest DOJ to deal with these crooks and their pay for play scheme, possibly and more that likely to include Obozo and his den of thieves. Trump will show the world just how corrupt and dysfunctional the democrat party really is, and that is your biggest socialist nightmare. Isn’t it ???!!!
PS. A majority muslim population would chop your libtard head off, and that could be a good thing , Ha,ha,ha, Heil TRUMP !!!!

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