LIVE VIDEOS: Seattle Mass Shooting & Trump Protest

Multiple people were shot near an anti-Trump protest in Seattle, Washington on the evening of November 9, but police said the shooting and protest do not appear related.

Some of the injuries were life-threatening, according to the Seattle Fire Department. Altogether, it was a chaotic night in downtown Seattle.

Police said five were wounded, one female and four males, and they believed the shooting stemmed from an argument.

Protesters were marching through the streets to express outrage over the election of President-Elect Donald Trump. The protest in Seattle was just one of many breaking out across the country.

According to King News, some protesters were lying down in the street.

There were also protests brewing in other American cities, including marches outside Trump Towers in Chicago and New York City.

In several of the protests that occurred after Trump’s election, protesters burned American flags. Protesters used expletives to refer to Trump, carried signs comparing him to Hitler, declared he wasn’t their president, and said that he “had to go.”

There was also a protest developing in Philadelphia against Trump.

Trump had softened his rhetoric in his victory speech on Tuesday night, promising to work for all Americans. He was elected to the presidency after surprise upsets in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, after he carried Florida. Hillary Clinton gave a concession speech on Wednesday morning in which she implored Americans to accept the election results while continuing to work toward their ideals.

There were very few details available about the shooting on Wednesday evening as it was a fluid situation that was still unfolding.

This post will be updated when more information is available about the shooting.


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And these are the people who believed in Democracy!! Pseudo liberals!!! Trump was right.

j pow (@jessuckapow)

Read the first sentence of the ACTUAL article. Their headline is misleading and completely inaccurate. These should have been 2 different articles because they are two, totally unrelated incidents!


These are our people of the future God help us all! What happened to voicing your comments or dislikes quietly. Grow up or leave the United States it is not going to solve anything except someone will get hurt!AS HILARY WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER!You don’t even know any one personally and most people go in and become corrupt or lie and Hilary did it all before she went in she lied, deceived and who knows what! Get to know him first and then whine, this is doing no good!

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