WATCH: Donald Trump Booed While Leaving New York Times Building

President-Elect Donald Trump was booed by New Yorkers on his way out of a meeting at The New York Times today.

The president-elect spoke with The New York Times for about an hour on Tuesday, and a large crowd of people gathered in the lobby to see him. Some cheers were mixed in with the booing, but the reaction seemed to be primarily negative.

This booing did not come from reporters but rather from average citizens, as The New York Times lobby is public, Times reporter Patrick LaForge clarified on Twitter. 

Many people gathered in the lobby over an hour earlier, hoping to catch Trump on his way into the meeting. They were disappointed to find out that the president-elect actually entered through the back of the building, and some began to disperse upon hearing this, according to AP reporter Jonathan Lemire. Those who stuck around got to see Trump exiting through the main entrance.

This comes days after Vice President-Elect Mike Pence attended the Broadway show Hamilton and was booed by the audience. Once again there were some cheers mixed in with the booing, but the reaction was much more negative than positive. This, in combination with the Hamilton cast delivering a brief message to Pence after the show, prompted Trump to go on an angry tweet-storm saying that his running mate had been disrespected. Pence disagreed.

“We heard a few boos and we heard some cheers, and I nudged my kids and reminded them, ‘That’s what freedom sounds like,'” Pence said on Fox News Sunday.


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Anything to Erode public confidence in his leadership. Who cares? This isn’t a story. It’s the equivalent of bringing Obama to a trump rally.


Per Trump, before the meeting, NYT was a failed news organization . . . after the meeting Trump sought and left the Tower to attend the meeting he sought, Trump now says the Times is a great organization . . . standard Trump flip-flop that not only will never bother his groupies, but something his groupies will defend!


Trust me, Obama has no interest in misogyny and racism . . . so he’ll never have to go in through any Trump rally door–back, front, or side . . . he want go PERIOD.


Leadership, what leadership? A sixth grader knows more about leadership and the Presidency than Crooked Donnie. Crooked Donnie is just Bannon’s mouthpiece.


You stupid loser. Look what your moron president has done for 8 years
He’s almost done completely ruining this country that he hates so bad.
Thank God for Trump

Northern Lights

Sure he has, if you have to resort to calling someone a moron look no further than the mirror.

With a Congress that was and is hell bent on fighting every initiative of Obama it’s a surprise that he actually got to do anything.


Anonymous, that all you’ve got … “stupid loser?” Sad, dude sad. But most of all , really sad for you dude, as Trump, one by one, breaks or waterdowns all the promises he made to his groupies.


What an ironic twist. Trump having to use the “back” of the building. Get used to what it feels like. Here’s hoping you have to sit in the “back” of the restaurant or “back” of the theater.

up yours

When was the last time you were picking cotton ?

Never !

When was the last time you were forced to sit on the back of the bus ?

Never ! When was the last time you were forced to use the back door ?

Never !

I know the real reason why your whining and bitching.

Because if Donald Trump creates jobs you’ll have to get off your ass and work for a living.


up yours . . . will Trump supporters even have the intelligence to debate facts instead of making ad hominem attacks? You all bought the snake oil . . . it’s only a matter of time that even you and all of his other followers become ill . . . and even then, some of you will be to arrogant to admit what you’ve done to yourself, and the rest of us!


Speaking of having to work for a living . . . Trump’s wanting to put in holding in a blind trust holdings run by his children–what a farce . . . but, if he can’t, then Crooked Donnie’s kids might have to find actually find their own jobs instead of working for Daddy! Lock him up!! Lock him up!!!

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