Meet David Mulinix, Hawaii Elector Who Gave Electoral Vote to Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders hawaii

Bernie Sanders got an electoral vote in Hawaii. (Getty)

More electors flipped from Hillary Clinton than from Donald Trump, and one of them gave an electoral vote to Bernie Sanders. David Mulinix did this because he felt that Clinton wasn’t qualified, among other reasons.

Ever since Bernie lost the Democratic primary to Clinton, there have been a lot of disgruntled voters, including a substantial number who joined a #NeverHillary movement, determined to never vote for Clinton. This was partially fueled by the fact that the DNC had supported Clinton against Sanders during the primary, violating the DNC’s own rules and resulting in a class action lawsuit from Bernie supporters seeking back their donations based on claims of fraud. When John Podesta’s emails were leaked, it was later discovered that Donna Brazile had even leaked some debate questions for Clinton-Sanders debates to Clinton’s campaign.

All this played a role in one lone elector in Hawaii flipping from Clinton to Sanders. The faithless elector was David Mulinix.

He told the Los Angeles Times that he turned faithless and voted for Sanders because he was the most qualified candidate and Clinton wasn’t truly progressive, but was actually conservative. Mulinix only joined the Democratic party so he could support Sanders. He had previously told AP that he was going to vote for Clinton, but at the last minute he changed his mind.

Mulinix told the Los Angeles Times that the unfair way that Sanders’ supporters were treated by the DNC led to his decision.

She did not lose the vote to Russian hackers, she lost the vote right there at the convention… They robbed us, and the millennials know it.”

Before Mulinix voted, another elector had asked if there was a penalty for voting for a different candidate. Other Hawaii electors agreed that the electoral college was outdated.

Mulinix has a history of taking a stand for what he believes in. According to his Facebook page, he was also a supporter of Standing Rock:

david mulinix standing rock

David Mulinix protesting in support of Standing Rock. (Facebook)

Meanwhile, two other electors attempted to vote for Sanders in other states but were stopped.

David Bright announced his intention on Facebook to vote for Sanders in Maine. The Portland Press Herald reported that when David Bright cast his vote for Bernie instead of Clinton, the vote was ruled out of order and all the electors were forced to vote again. At that point, Bright changed his vote from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, Muhammad Abdurrahman refused to vote for Clinton. He was a delegate for Sanders and had attempted to cast a vote for Sanders as President. His vote was declared invalid and he was immediately replaced by an alternate.

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