Donald Trump Polls: Plurality Think Trump Will Be One of the Worst Presidents Ever

trump des moines rally photo

President-Elect Donald Trump speaks at a Thank You USA rally. (Getty)

Several new polls released this week reveal that a plurality of Americans has little faith in the presidency of Donald Trump.

This comes after a series of polls showed that the approval rating of Donald Trump’s transition is the lowest of any president in decades, with nearly half of respondents saying that they do not approve of the transition process. However, this isn’t necesarily because Republicans are suddenly losing faith in Trump, but rather because Democrats dislike the president-elect far more intensely than they typically dislike a Republican politician.

Here are some of the latest polls about President-Elect Donald Trump.

Fox News: Plurality Says Trump Will Be One of the Worst Presidents Ever

Donald Trump Cincinnati, Donald Trump Ohio, Donald Trump Ohio Rally

Donald Trump speaks at a post-election rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Getty)

A recent poll conducted by Fox News shows that many Americans are not only not optimistic about Trump’s presidency, but they think that he will be one of America’s worst presidents. Note: This poll is not of Fox News viewers; rather, it was conducted by speaking to a national sample of 1,034 registered voters from December 11th through December 13th.

When asked how Donald Trump will do over these next four years, 31 percent of those polled said that he will be one of the worst presidents. However, the next most popular answer was that Trump will be above average, with 25 percent of respondents choosing this descriptor. Sixteen percent said he will be average, 12 percent said he will be above average, and 11 percent said he will be one of the greatest presidents.

For context, in 2008, 28 percent of Americans said that Barack Obama would be one of the worst presidents ever. However, a plurality of those polled, 33 percent, said that he would be average.

In this same poll, Trump’s unfavorable rating was 51 percent, with 47 percent of those polled having an unfavorable view of him. Although this is high, Trump has become more popular since the last time this poll was conducted. In a Fox News poll shortly before the election, 60 percent had an unfavorable view of Trump.

Also, 52 percent of Americans said that Trump does not have the temperament to be president, but this is down from 61 percent last month.

With one question, voters were read a series of words and asked to say how well it describes their feeling about the result of the election. Fifty-nine percent of respondents said the election result made them feel “hopeful,” while 45 said it made them feel “embarrassed” and 41 percent said it made them feel “scared.”

CBS News: Plurality Says Trump Will Be a Poor President

Republican presidential elect Donald Trump gestures after speaking during election night at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York on November 9, 2016. (Getty)

Donald Trump speaks on Election Day after the presidency is called in his favor. (Getty)

A recent poll from CBS News asked respondents how they feel Trump will do as president, and those polls did not feel particularly optimistic. Thirty-six percent said that Trump will be a “poor” president. The next most popular answer was “average,” an answer which was selected by 23 percent of respondents. Only 14 percent said that Trump will be “very good,” while 20 percent said he will be “good” and seven percent said they aren’t sure.

For Republicans, the most popular answer was “good,” which 37 percent chose. Thirty-three percent of Republicans said Trump will be very good, and 17 percent said he will be average.

Among Democrats, 60 percent said that Trump will be a poor president. A plurality of Independents – 35 percent – also said he will be poor.

However, Americans generally agree that Donald Trump will indeed bring change to Washington as promised. Sixty percent said that Trump will change the way things are done in D.C., with 87 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats saying he will do so. Thirty-two percent of those polled said he won’t bring change; this answer was chosen by 11 percent of Republicans but 49 percent of Democrats.

In terms of Trump’s cabinet, Americans are split, with 41 percent saying they approve of Trump’s cabinet appointments and 41 percent saying they disapprove.

Finally, both parties were in agreement that Trump’s kids being left in charge of his business will create some issues, with 70 percent of all voters saying that Trump may still have conflicts of interests if his kids take over the Trump Organization.

Marist: 66 Percent Say Trump’s Use of Twitter is Reckless

MANCHESTER, NH - NOVEMBER 07:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the SNHU Arena on November 7, 2016 in Manchester, New Hampshire. With one day until the election, both candidates and their surrogates are holding campaign rallies in battleground states across the nation.  (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Getty)

According to the latest Marist poll, a majority of Americans do not like the way that Donald Trump is using Twitter.

In this poll, 66 percent of respondents said that Trump’s use of Twitter is “reckless and distracting.” Meanwhile, 21 percent said it’s an effective and informative means of communication.

Among Democrats, 90 percent of them think Trump’s use of Twitter is “reckless and distracting,” but among Republicans, a plurality – 43 percent – said it is effective and informative. Thirty-seven percent of Republicans also think that it’s reckless and distracting.

Young voters are more likely to disapprove of Trump’s Twitter usage, with 74 percent of those under 45 saying it’s reckless while 59 percent of those above 45 feel that way.

Finally, fake news has been a frequent point of discussion in political circles, but most Americans don’t think that social media platforms should do anything about the spread of disinformation. Fifty-three percent of those polled said that it’s up to the users of Facebook and Twitter to determine what is true, while 41 percent said that these social media companies should intervene to stop fake news from spreading.


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Drumpf is an idiot. Most Americans think he is terrible in all regards!
Can’t wait till he is impeached!


You are an idiot. “Most Americans”? No you safe spacer, most Americans voted him into office (excluding voter fraud and illegals). Get over it.


Actually, with all of Russia’s interference in our elections, Hillary probably beat at Donnie Boy by more than the already-reported 3 million. Amazes me that with all the paranoia that Trump supporters are so well known, that you’re not the least bit concerned that the President-elect is Russia’s preferred president for America. C’mon dude, no way, that even the most rabid Trump supporters can get behind the idea of America’s President being Putin’s Puppet.


Notyoo , you benevolent idiot of ignorance and stupidity. You are the very reason why intelligent people from around the world look at the USA and think to ourselves , ” These idiots are seriously delusional ” .
You talk about ” most Americans ” voted for him . Are you serious moron . You are a moron.
Trump gained less than 24% of the enrolled voters eligible to vote, less than 1 in 4 voted for him . In fact more people did not vote than voted for Trump . Clinton gained 3 million more votes than Trump . To explain this so a moron like you can understand . That means Clinton got more votes than the population of 15 of your States within your country.
40 % of you believe in Adam and Eve, 42 % believe in the theory of Creation , 45% believe that global warming is due to fireplaces being on and 65% of you idiots don’t know what currency is in the U.K. .
Your just deplorables and morons with about 28% having some of IQ above 85 quotient .
And you sir are the 5% with an IQ below that of a chimp . A yellow one like Trump .


Says the person who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”


Most??? The Voter turnout for 2016 presidential election hasn’t been this low in decades. Both candidates were a joke


You’ve gotta love these pollsters for their effort. I mean, really. Whenever you look closely at them, they ask roughly 1,000 people for the magical yes or no answer. Out of millions of voters, they track their %s from 1,000. And they STILL get it wrong. But they dust themselves off and pick back up where they left off, only to be embarrassed by their numbers over and over. And the pundits talking about the polls. Don’t get me started. Merry Xmas posters!


Give up your delusions . . . as Don-the-Con becomes more evident, coupled with his allegiance to Russia, even those who voted for him are beginning to see the dangers of him being President. You don’t honestly still believe he won this contest without his pal Putin’s help do you? You are smarter than that, I hope!!!


I’m not a Trump FAN! Get your head out of the toilet and quit thinking in a box! I didn’t vote for him. I’m commenting on pollsters. The article. PERIOD. Ef U.


Sure, you’re not a Trump fan . . . and I’ve got a bridge that I’d like to sell you . . . LMAO.


You stupid moron. Still rooting for the corrupt murdering clintons?? Hopefully she’ll get hers in prison


Ahhh, “stupid moron” is an oxymoron . . . just love the Trump supporters’ 5th grade-level insults . . . did you graduate from Trump University?

BTW, might want to put your veins back in your neck . . . not at all good for your health, comrade.


Didn’t you hear the ole Trumpster . . . that “lock her up” was for “theatre” . . . he admitted he didn’t mean it. You’re not really shocked that he’s breaking all his campaign promises are you?


You idiot. Clinton did great things for America . Get your head out of your arse.

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