PHOTOS: Orlando Fiamma Shooting Victims of John Robert Neumann

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Police at the scene of the mass shooting at Fiamma Inc. in Orlando. (Getty)

The five people who were slain by an angry former employee at a business that makes recreational vehicle awnings in Orlando were remembered as a family man and veteran, a receptionist with a sweet demeanor, a dad who told cheesy jokes and was his daughter’s rock, and a gracious father of teenagers who picked up the pieces when his wife died young.

Tributes flooded in for the victims.

The mass shooting occurred at Fiamma Inc., a company located in an industrial area of Orlando which “makes accessories for recreational vehicles,” according to CNN.

You can see a full list of victims’ names below as well as photos and biographical details at the end of this story as they become available.

One man directed a tweet to President Donald Trump and asked whether he would come to the funeral of his friend, Kevin Lawson, a veteran and victim in the mass shooting.

The 45-year-old gunman, John Robert Neumann Jr., killed himself at the scene of the attack, which unfolded around 8 a.m., CNN reported. The shooter had been fired from the business before the workplace violence occurred. Some of the victims were shot multiple times, most in the head, police said in a press conference.

The victims were singled out, and some were shot multiple times, CNN reported.

Here are photos of the shooter, Neumann, an Army vet who lived alone:

It’s a relatively small business, and only 12 people were inside working when the shooting occurred, according to Seven survived, but five did not.

One woman who survived the attack, Sheila McIntyre, of Orlando, “was in the bathroom when she heard gunshots,” and called her sister, repeating, “My boss is dead. My boss is dead,” recounted

Authorities said that they do not believe the shooting had any ties to terrorism. Rather, it arose from a workplace dispute, they said. Orlando, of course, was the site of the Pulse nightclub massacre.

The gunman barged into the business armed with a handgun and a knife and “shot five innocent people,” Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings told reporters at a press conference. “We have no indication that this subject is a member of any type of subversive organization, or participant in any type of terror organization,” Demings said. “This is likely a workplace violence incident.”

Who are the victims in the Fiamma mass shooting? Authorities released their names. The gunman’s victims were four men and a woman; all but one man died at the scene, police said, but the fifth victim soon perished at a local hospital.

Here’s a full list of the Fiamma victims:

Kevin Clark

kevin clark

Kevin Clark. (GoFundMe)

Clark was 53. His brother told a WKMG reporter, “The man didn’t have an enemy in the world. He was a lovely, beautiful man. And he literally did not have an enemy in the world.”

The brother added, “No one who knew Kevin didn’t like him.”

According to News4Jax, Clark “leaves behind 2 teenagers, who lost their mother 6 years ago.”

A GoFundMe site has been established to help Clark’s children. The page says, “The Lake Howell Pop Warner family is asking for your support to assist Delaney and Gavin Clark, who tragically lost their father, Kevin, during the Fiamma work place shooting in Orlando on June 5, 2017. Delaney (14) was a cheerleader with LHPW for several years, having just graduated from the league this past season. Gavin (18) played football for LHPW for numerous seasons and recently graduated from Lyman High School. Kevin was a constant supporter of LHPW, where he could often be found snapping pictures on the sideline during game days. In addition to this tragic event, Gavin and Delaney lost their mother over nine years ago. Kevin Clark was a wonderful man and an absolutely amazing, supportive and loving father who will be missed by many. Please help us support this Hawk family in their time of need.”

The messages left on the page are heartbreaking. “My best friend… after a long days work and even when weeks may have passed.. we were always able to pick up where we left off… I could always count on a welcoming smile and greeted with open arms every time I rang that bell and the door would open… sit mama bear, let me fix you a drink and let’s enjoy each other’s company he would always say graciously… We would then SHARE stories on how the kids were doing and what was going on in each of their lives, laugh a lot, SHARE some more stories and LAUGH some more,” wrote one woman.

Wrote another: “I have been a freight vendor for Fiamma for over 20 years. I knew your father as well as all of the victims. Your father was a very gracious man and I am glad I had the opportunity to know him.”

Kevin Lawson

kevin lawson, fiamma shooting victim

Kevin Lawson (Facebook).

Lawson was 47. His Facebook page says that he worked in Shipping and Receiving at Fiamma Inc., went to Rossville High School in Rossville, GA, lived in Longwood, Florida, and was from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

kevin lawson

Kevin Lawson. (Facebook)

Lawson described himself as a “family man” on Facebook. A year ago, he wrote on the Fiamma company Facebook page, “The quality and customer service is excellent and I would recommend purchasing a Fiamma awning over the competitors any day.”

News4Jax reported of Lawson, “He was a married father of four daughters. He also has two granddaughters.”

Robert Snyder

Snyder was 69. Tragically, Snyder’s daughter, Jennifer Blevins, told The Orlando Sentinel that she saw a post about the shooting on Facebook and her “heart sank.” She tried to reach her father but couldn’t, the newspaper reported.

Jennifer Blevins wrote on Facebook, “will forever miss hearing your voice, hearing you laugh and your cheesy jokes! You were my rock the one person I could tell anything too and who understood. I don’t know how to do this without you dad. This should have never happened! I just hope and pray you were not afraid or suffering. I hope it happened fast. I love you , I will miss you everyday! R.I.P. dad.”

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Snyder was a skilled billiards player.

Brenda Montanez-Crespo

brenda montanez-crespo

Brenda Montanez-Crespo. (Facebook)

Montanez-Crespo was 44. According to The Orlando Sentinel newspaper, Montanez-Crespo worked at the front desk of the business.

“She’s the sweetest woman in the whole world,” a man who knew her told the newspaper.

A relative wrote on Facebook, “Our Beloved Brenda. Montañez Crespo. One of the victims. In this morning. Niece of our sister-in-law.. all the fam join in the cry. Thanks for your prayers. Family Morales Rodriguez. We are with all the family of a loved one. Is no longer alive. What cents of heart… Amen.”

Jeffrey Roberts

Roberts was 57. Roberts had been a manager at the company for several years.

More will be added to this post as biographical details of each victim become known.

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