Caleb Sharpe’s Instagram Page: Photos of Accused Freeman High School Shooter

Caleb Sharpe Instagram page


The accused Freeman High School shooter was extremely active across his various social media pages. On September 13, Caleb Sharpe, a sophomore at Freeman, was accused of going to his school, 12 miles south of Spokane, and shooting four students. One of those students, a fellow sophomore referred to as Sharpe’s “best friend,” died after being shot in the head. That student was named as Sam Strahan.

Sharpe’s obsession with certain TV shows is clear from his social media pages. On his Facebook page, Sharpe jokes that he works at the Krusty Krab, a reference to Spongebob Squarepants. While on his Instagram page, where Sharpe goes by the moniker Walrus Meat, Sharpe’s most recent post makes a reference to Breaking Bad. While on June 21, Sharpe wrote that Netflix’s controversial series 13 Reasons Why was the “Best show on Netflix.”

Caleb Sharpe Snapchat


The Washington Post wrote extensively about the cultural impact of 13 Reasons Why, particularly the viewpoint that the show was encouraging teenage self-harm.

Caleb Sharpe Facebook page

FacebookSharpe posted this meme to his Facebook page in November 2016.

There are also references to Game of Thrones and American Dad as well as movies American Psycho and the Star Wars franchise.

Caleb Sharpe Facebook page


In a May 2017 YouTube video, the accused Freeman High School shooter made a video showing him having a mock shootout with a friend. Caleb Sharpe created the video under his YouTube moniker Mongo Walker. The video in question is titled “J-Baumb kills Mongo.” It shows the suspect and a friend running with toy guns while shooting at each other. Sound effects are added to make the gunshots appear real. In one part of the video, Sharpe shoots a person who identifies himself as a civilian.

At the time of writing, Sharpe’s YouTube, Facebook and one of his Instagram pages has been removed. One Instagram page, Hell Yeah Batman, remains. The last post on that page came from August 22.

Here are the posts you need to see from that page:

Caleb Sharpe Rape Post

InstagramSharpe has posted numerous anti-feminist posts to his social media pages. Aside from Sam Strahan, all of the victims of the Freeman shooting were female.

Instagram Caleb Sharpe

InstagramSharpe’s obsession with television shows extended to HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Caleb Sharpe Snapchat


Caleb Sharpe Christian

InstagramThe only religious post on Sharpe’s Instagram page.

Caleb Sharpe Tattoos

InstagramSharpe wrote in the caption for this picture that he would want this design as a permanent tattoo.

Caleb Sharpe Facebook page


Caleb Sharpe Joker

InstagramThis picture shows Sharpe with make-up reminiscent of Heath Ledger’s turn as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

Caleb Sharpe Gun Bullet

InstagramSharpe posted a photo of large caliber bullet to his Instagram page.