Hurricane Irma Live Radar: Watch Latest Track & Satellite Streams [UPDATED Sept. 7]

[See Heavy’s new live radar story to track Hurricane Irma, as of Sept. 8, here.]

Hurricane Irma is a huge Category 5 storm, and evacuations are already underway as it moves west in the Atlantic. The storm spent most of its time with 185 mph winds, now hovering around 175. The most recent projections place the hurricane approaching Florida by Saturday or Sunday. But there are many other islands in its path before then. Above is a live radar feed of Hurricane Irma, showing the storm’s location in case you want to keep an eye on it. The audio also has a constant stream of updates about the storm. The feed periodically switches to live webcams of areas expected to be impacted by the storm.

Below are local and national news feeds, reporting live on Irma’s location and projected path. Some of these feeds may periodically go down. We will keep this post updated with new streams as needed.

The Washington Post now is showing a non-stop feed of Hurricane Irma’s radar and path:

Here’s another feed showing live cams and a satellite loop of Irma:

Here is a feed from different news sources discussing Irma:

And here’s another feed with live radar and cams:

Read more about Irma below.

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