Dan Rather Says Trump Tweet About LeBron James is a ‘Disgrace’ & ‘Racist’

Dan Rather

Dan Rather/Twitter Dan Rather on Twitter

In a retort to a tweet by the President of the United States of America, that many believe is wholly un-presidential, in which Donald J. Trump attacks CNN host Don Lemon calling him the “dumbest man on television” adding that Lemon “made Lebron (James) look smart, which isnโ€™t easy to do,” longtime respected journalist Dan Rather fired back.

Rather says flat out that Trump is a racist and undeserving of the office he holds.

“This is apparently what the President of the United States feels the need to share with the world at what should be long past his bedtime? It’s a disgrace. It’s racist. And it’s the product of petty but dangerous hatreds. I repeat this is the PRESIDENT??!?”

The brouhaha is born out of a re-broadcast of a Lemon interview of James from several days ago aired Friday night. In it, James criticizes the president for using sports to divide the nation among other issues he takes with Trump adding he would not consider even sitting down next to the current POTUS.

Trump, who calls CNN fake news, claims he does not watch it and was upset recently that First Lady Melania Trump had her TV tuned to the cable news station, apparently did watch the interview because he tweeted shortly before midnight Friday, not long after the interview aired, that both Lemon and James were unintelligent.

Rather, who has been vocal in his criticism of Trump sounded incredulous in is tweet.

Commenters seemed united, or at least the top, most liked comments made by Twitter users:

Rather, a journalist, storyteller, Texan and author of the book “What Unites Us,” has a website called ‘News & Guts,’ a “multimedia production company” he founded that corralled a “team of experienced journalists and storytellers with a focus on high-quality nonfiction content …rooted in strong traditions of news and investigative reporting …”

Rather, who joined CBS News in 1962, was in the trenches covering the Civil Rights movement, the Kennedy Assassination and the war in Vietnam, was named managing editor of CBS News 1981 and became anchor of CBS Evening News where he remained for a quarter century. Rather reported for 60 Minutes, an American journalistic institution, created “48 Hours” and “shaped countless specials and documentaries.”

Rather has not been silent on the Trump administration and of late, the administration’s attack on the press.

“We can’t shrug off Trump’s attacks on the press. Ever. They’re undemocratic and invite, even incite, violence. This bears repeating. It demands repeating…”

Rather, whose book title is more than just three words strung together, recently posted this:

“On the road today and thinking of what this country was, is, and yet might be. Warnings from the past echo in my mind and I was struck by this quote from FDR. Inclusion must be part of #WhatUnitesUs.”

Rather’s tweet about Trump’s tirade against Don Lemon and LeBron James has, as of this post, 55,000 likes and been rewteed by more than 20,000.