Gina Loudon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gina Loudon

Facebook Gina Loudon is taking heat on Twitter after making comments on CNN’s “Out Front with Erin Burnett" about how diversity shouldn't be an issue in the White House.

Gina Loudon is taking heat on Twitter after making comments on CNN’s “Out Front with Erin Burnett” about how diversity shouldn’t be an issue in the White House because there “were no blacks in the cabinet when slavery ended.”

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to answer questions about how many black staffers work in the West Wing when asked by reporters, and Loudon claimed that she isn’t sure it’s necessary to have a certain number of people of color on staff because “civil rights laws and women’s rights laws were passed by presidents who didn’t have diverse staffs.”

Loudon, also known as Dr. Gina, is a media personality and a regular guest on Fox News and Fox business, as well as CNN, MSNBC, and several others. Here’s what you need to know about Loudon:

1. Loudon Stated That She Doesn’t “Like” Having to Count People Based on Skin Color When Referring to a Diverse Staff in the White House

Loudon attempted to justify the lack of diversity in the West Wing of the White House by reminding viewers that slavery was abolished by an all-white cabinet, and that civil and women’s right were passed by president’s who didn’t have diverse staff working beneath them.

“What disappoints me is the division and the fact that we’re having to count people based on their skin color, I don’t like that,” she said. “When we look back at our history, and we have a pretty amazing history of overcoming slavery, of expanding civil rights, women’s rights, and a lot of those things happened under American president’s who didn’t have any minorities at all in the White House.”

She also added “thank God that we do” have minorities in the White House now.

Angela Rye, a liberal political commentator on CNN, was disgusted and offended by Loudon’s comments. “What I am telling you is you can’t say, at least you shouldn’t feel comfortable saying it in 2018 — that this White House not having diversity can be akin to presidents who didn’t have black people on their staff (but for slavery) freeing slaves!” Rye said.

Loudon attempted to pivot the conversation by mentioning that she has an adopted minority son with Down Syndrom, claiming that she understands Rye’s perspective. Rye responded by saying she should be ashamed of herself for using her son as an example to further her argument.

2. Loudon Enjoyed Cheerleading & Dance While in School & Earned Two Master’s Degrees & Also Claims She to Hold a Ph.D.

Loudon grew up close to the Ozark mountains in Missouri. While she was in school, she enjoyed cheerleading, as well as Hula and Tahitian dance. She’s also an avid water and snow skier, according to her biography on Dr. Gina Loudon.

When she was young, her father, a dentist and inventor, debated political issues with her and helped her become a skilled debater, which led to her career as a political talk show host, her biography reports.

Loudon studied design, communications and psychology at William Woods University and got her master’s degree from St. Louis University, according to her biography. Loudon “wrote her dissertation on her own theory contrasting Sternberg’s theory of love with the Maslovian hierarchical needs, and then applied it, hermeneutically, to existing data on relationship.” Her original findings in her research are still being used today.

Her first master’s degree was allegedly withheld from her for “political reasons,” but was eventually granted to her, years after she graduated. The experience with St. Louis University reportedly opened her eyes to political and social injustice and helped her define her political views, according to her biography.

Loudon recently came under fire once again for falsley claiming, on the jacket of her new book, that she has two masters’ degrees “as well as a Ph.D in psychology.”

“The jacket copy was written by Regnery, not Gina,” Alyssa Cordova, senior director of publicity at Regnery Publishing (the company that published her book), said in an email. “As Human and Organizational Systems is a field of psychology, we simplified that simply as ‘psychology.’ We will be updating with the specific degree description on future printings and online marketing copy to avoid further confusion.”

Loudon still claims on her Dr. Gina Loudon website that she holds a Ph. D.

3. Loudon is a Media Personality & Certified Hypnotherapist & Was Named One of the Top 10 Hottest Women in New Media

Loudon hosts America Trends, a television show based on social media and trends of the day. She is also is a frequent analyst on all major cable networks including FOX News, FOX Business, CNN, CSPAN, and MSNBC, where she comments on issues such as politics, psychology, body language, business, special needs adoption and women’s issues. She has also written for Breitbart, FOX,, and

She was named one of the “10 Hottest Women in New Media,” and the “Top 50 Best Conservative Columnists” of 2016. She was also an official media spokesperson to Donald Trump’s campaign for President in 2016, her biography reports.

Loudon has written several books over the years, including the bestselling book What Women REALLY Want, which was published in 2014. She published another book two years earlier called Ladies and Gentlemen, which is a “a historical and psychological non-fiction book about the roles people play in society and how they can change their role.”

Loudon, her husband and her family live in Florida, but she is often in New York. She is a certified hypnotherapist, but does not practice, according to her biography.

4. She Is Very Conservative, Met Her Husband John in College & The Two Have 5 Children

Loudon met her husband, John Loudon, while the two attended school at William Woods University. Her husband went on to become a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, and then a member of the Missouri Senate. They married in 1990 at at Westminster College, in the same church that Winston Churchill gave the Iron Curtain speech, according to Showbiz.

The Loudon’s lead a Christian lifestyle, are conservative and have five children. Their youngest child was adopted and has Down syndrome. Her oldest daughter, Lyda, is in a relationship with a well-known Scarface actor Steven Bauer.

“Gina is well known to be critical of liberalism, and of Barack Obama’s US presidency; she is an avid supporter of free speech and gun rights,” Showbiz reports. She also is reportedly a member of the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, owned by President Donald Trump.

5. Loudon Received a Lot of Backlash For Her Comments on Social Media, With Several Users Outraged That She Would Use Her Disabled Child to Defend Her Argument

Twitter swiftly responded to Loudon’s comments on the show. Users didn’t hold back their disgust that she “tried to say there’s no need for black people in the White House because a White House full of white men decided to free slaves.”

User Steven Wexler wrote: “Anyone else just hear Gina Loudon excuse the lack of African Americans in the White House by citing ‘amazing history of overcoming slavery’? Holy s–t.”

Other users were appalled that she used her son to “save face,” after her comments.

“Oh her name is [Gina Loudon]. She says she has a Black [sic] Down-syndrome son. She user her son in the same context as ‘I have a Black friend,'” Cher M wrote on Twitter.

Another user wrote: “[Angela Rye] just lit the clueless bimbo Gina Loudon up in the flames. What does Gina do when Angela called out her ignorance on the WH’s lack of diversity? She brings up her adopted kids. Yep, sounds about white.”

Others brought up the fact that, if Loudon wanted to talk about her disabled minority child and how she understand what minority people go through, she should question her choice in working for a man who makes fun of disabled people.