Kiera Bergman Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kiera Bergman

Facebook Kiera Bergman

Kiera Bergman is a 19-year-old woman who mysteriously vanished from the Phoenix, Arizona area. She’s was missing since August 4, 2018, and her loved ones and police are desperate to find her.

Tragically, on September 3, 2018, authorities announced that Bergman’s body was found in Maricopa County, Arizona. The homicide unit is investigating, but no arrests have been made in connection with Bergman’s death.

Phoenix police and Bergman’s family had launched a major effort to find the young woman. Thus far, though, the case hasn’t received the national media attention accorded to missing Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts, who disappeared while jogging on July 18, 2018.

“I want my baby girl home in my arms, please I’m begging if you know anything please contact the police dept.,” Bergman’s heartbroken mother urged on Facebook before Bergman’s body was found.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kiera Bergman Was Last Seen at Her Residence But Then Vanished After Sending an Odd Text

Kiera Bergman

Kiera Bergman

A missing person poster shared by a relative on Facebook says that Kiera Bergman was last seen in Glendale, Arizona.

Bergman’s roommate and best friend, Destiny Hall-Chand, said she sent an odd text before vanishing, according to

“She was saying that she was going to go out with some guy she met at the store a couple days ago which is something that’s not like her, that’s not something she would do,” Hall-Chand explained to the newspaper.

The Phoenix Police Department’s missing poster for Kiera Bergman says that Kiera Lanae Bergman is described as a black female, age 19, 5 foot 3 inches tall, and 145 pounds. She went missing on August 4, 2018.

“Kiera was last seen at her residence in the area of 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road on 8/4/18. She has not returned home and has not been seen or heard from since. Her family is very concerned for her welfare. Please contact the Phoenix Police Department with any information on her whereabouts,” the poster says.

News 12 reported that the residence was Indigo Creek Apartments and that Kiera’s boyfriend said he saw her at home. She left work at Progressive Leasing in Glendale and then vanished, the television station reported.

2. Bergman Asked People to Donate to an Anxiety & Depression Cause in July 2018

On Facebook, Kiera Bergman wrote that she had studied at Cuymaca College, went to Vahalla High School, and lived in El Cajon, California. According to News 12, she recently moved to Arizona to be with her boyfriend.

For her birthday on July 12, 2018, she asked people to donate to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. However, the plea only raised $5.

“For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Anxiety and Depression Association of America. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal,” Bergman wrote.

It’s the top visible post on her Facebook page.

3. Concerned Family & Friends Have Hit the Streets & Social Media to Get Attention to Kiera’s Disappearance

Kiera Bergman

FacebookKiera Bergman

Kiera Bergman’s family and friends have plastered social media and the community with missing posters. “Today for me felt like a step in the right direction. We talked to several news stations who have blasted her story, as well as FM stations. Tonight we went and placed fliers at a few places to get the public’s help,” wrote Bergman’s sister, Braydee Bragg, on Facebook. “Please continue to share any post you see of Kiera. Continuous prayers are always needed and welcome.”

Bragg also wrote, along with a missing person’s poster, “SHARE SHARE SHARE PLEASE My sister is missing and I’m heart is breaking. We need to bring her home safe!”

Kiersten Bragg wrote, “My daughter has gone missing in the Phoenix/Glendale area and we can not get a hold of her. I am a scared nervous wreck and we need to find her.”


Anyone with information can call the Phoenix Police Department Missing Persons Unit at (602) 534-2121 or call (602)262-6141 after hours.

4. Bergman’s Phone Was Turned Off & She Left Key Items Behind

Kiera Bergman

Kiera Bergman

Kiera’s mom told Fox 10 that she called her daughter but her phone was turned off. Then, Kiera didn’t respond to a text.

“My biggest fear is that they’re gonna find her, and she’s not gonna be here anymore,” the mother told Fox 10. “That’s my biggest fear.”

According to News 12, Bergman’s purse, wallet, and car were still at her home, which increases concerns.

5. Police Say They Have No Answers & No Leads

Police are baffled by the disappearance. They say they don’t have any leads or clues as to where Kiera might have gone or what might have happened to the young woman.

“Her disappearance is unique, in that we don’t have any answers and no leads as to where she currently might be, and this is out of character for her to not speak with friends or family,” said Phoenix police Sgt. Vincent Lewis to 12 News.