Jonathon Zicarelli: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jonathon zicarelli

Jackson County Detention Center Jonathon Zicarelli.

Jonathon Zicarelli is facing a felony charge after confessing to police that he tried to kill his baby girl. Police in Greenwood, Missouri, said the 28-year-old father walked into the station on Monday, December 17 around 10 a.m.

Zicarelli told them he had drowned his 6-month-old daughter in a nearby pond. Officers immediately rushed to the water and were able to rescue the baby.

Greenwood is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Police: Zicarelli Told Investigators He Had Felt Stressed Over the Holidays & Had Thought About Killing His Daughter for 24 Hours

Jonathon Stephen Zicarelli confessed to police that the attempted drowning was premeditated. According to KSHB-TV, he told investigators that he had been feeling stressed out over the holidays. He had the idea that killing their baby would make things “easier” for his wife.

CBS affiliate KCTV also reported that Zicarelli said he had been worried about his ability to provide for the family.

Zicarelli told officers he walked his daughter down to the pond three times before finally putting her in the water. He then drove to the police station and told officers what he had done. Police said Zicarelli did not show any emotion in his confession.

2. The Baby Was Suffering From Severe Hypothermia But Police Say She is Recovering

The baby’s body temperature had fallen below 88 degrees by the time officers rescued her from the water, according to a probable cause statement obtained by KCTV. It was estimated she had been in the icy pond about 10 minutes.

The Kansas City Star reported that Corporal Tom Calhoun waded into the pond while still wearing his boots and Kevlar vest. The baby was unconscious and floating on her back. Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson told local reporters the baby looked like a porcelain doll. She reportedly had grass in her mouth and mud in her eyes.

Luckily, the baby girl started breathing again after police performed CPR. Calhoun wrapped her in his shirt to try to warm her up. She was rushed to the hospital and police say she is recovering.

3. Jonathon Zicarelli Was Arrested & Bond Was Set at $500,000

Jonathon Zicarelli

Jackson County Detention CenterJonathon Zicarelli.

Zicarelli was arrested and booked into the Jackson County Detention Center. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Marie Collins was handling the case.

She requested a $500,000 cash bond, according to court records. If he is able to make bail, Zicarelli would be prohibited from seeing his daughter or anyone under the age of 17.

Court records do not indicate whether Zicarelli has hired an attorney.

4. Zicarelli Was Charged With Felony Domestic Assault

Jonathon Zicarelli faces a charge of Domestic Assault in the first degree. Under Missouri law, “a person commits the offense of domestic assault in the first degree if he or she attempts to kill or knowingly causes or attempts to cause serious physical injury to a domestic victim.”

If the crime caused severe injury to the victim, it is classified as Class A felony. If convicted of first-degree domestic assault, Missouri has a wide range of sentencing guidelines. The defendant could face between 10 and 30 years in prison or even a life sentence.

5. Jonathon Zicarelli Does Not Appear to Have a Prior Criminal History

An online search of records for Jonathon Stephen Zicarelli does not reveal any prior arrests or indicate a criminal background.

Missouri’s online records system shows a summons to the Small Claims division of the Jackson County Circuit Court in 2014. A defendant named Jonathon Zicarelli was sued but the judge ultimately ruled in his favor.

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