Century City Mall: Man With a Gun Reported on Friday Afternoon

A man with a gun was reported at the Century City mall in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon. However, the LAPD confirmed they found no evidence of a shooting or victims during their search, and had confirmed the establishment of a “unified command” at the mall by late afternoon.

The latest update by the LAPD at 3:15, pacific time, contained a statement by Sgt. Barry Montgomery:

“At 12:42 p.m., LAPD officers from West L.A. responded to the Westfield Mall for a reported ‘Man with a gun’ radio call. Upon officer’s arrival they observed numerous individuals running away from the location. Officers entered the mall attempting to locate the suspect. While conducting a search of the mall, officers met with a security [guard] who stated he hadn’t heard any gunshots or located any victims. While proceeding with their search, officers were directed to a suspicious package located inside the Amazon Store. In an abundance of caution LAPD Bomb Squad and LAFD responded to the scene. We are still in the process of evacuating those individuals who sheltered in place. A unified command has been established and we are working in partnership with LAFD to bring this incident to a peaceful ending.”

Here is the original tweet by the LAPD on the incident: “LAPD West LA Division is responding to calls of an ‘Active Shooter’ at the Century City Mall. We have officers on scene who are clearing the location, but at this time we have NO evidence of a shooting or victims.”

Though there were no reports of shots fired or details confirmed from police at any point throughout the incident, there were several immediate reports of an active shooter by people on Twitter at the time, including some verified accounts.

Reporter Andrew Blankstein tweeted on Friday afternoon, “This is NOT considered an active shooter situation at Century City Mall. It is a REPORT of a man with a gun. There are NO reports of shots fired. No reports of injuries. No suspect(s) identified associated per LAPD/LAFD.”

But even celebrities were spreading active shooter claims on Twitter. Actress Rosanna Arquette wrote on Twitter, “Active shooter at century city mall.”

It’s common in fast-breaking active shooter situations for there to be conflicting, and even wrong, reports early on.

Here’s what you need to know:

LAPD Is Responding to Reports of a Man With a Gun; No ‘Active Shooter’ Report From Police

Per Fox Los Angeles, the incident was reported at 12:30, PST, outside of the outdoor shopping mall near Beverly Hills and Santa Monica in Los Angeles. There were several civilian reports of a large police presence, but no confirmation or reports of shots fired.

Here are some photos and videos taken by people at the scene of the incident:

Some people were actually locked inside of stores within the mall, as the video below shows:

One woman shared her experience on Twitter: “Stopped in at Clementine in Century City and couldn’t get the door to open. The owner came to the door and said they were in lockdown—a rumored shooting at Westfield Mall across the street…Just got update from someone inside a lockdown at Westfield Century City Mall and they are shaken but OK, although it is still a live situation and they are not able to leave yet. I really hope no one is hurt…”

A young woman tweeted, “A friend is in a holding area at where a man is armed. Possible active shooter. People injured from stampede evacuation. Helicopters and Police are at the scene. Retweet if in LA.”

A woman named Joanna wrote, “There’s a shooter at CenturyCity Mall rn and I’m literally sitting in my office shaking and having a breakdown.”

Renaldo Wooldridge wrote on Twitter, “Century City Mall in LA has an active shooter. Anyone in the city, don’t go there right now. My brother is stuck inside. Prayers up”

The lockdown in Century City occurred less than a day after a mass shooting was reported in Christchurch, New Zealand, where dozens of people were killed in an apparent shooting spree by at least one man.

Another woman wrote, “So my niece is on lockdown at Bev Hills HS bc of an active shooter @ Century City mall. When does this end?”

It’s not the first time the mall has had a scare. In 2015, armed suspects with assault rifles robbed the Rolex store at the mall.

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