Alex Johnson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Facebook/Alexander Johnson Alexander Johnson pictured on his Facebook page.

Alex Johnson is the former Kuala Lumpur-based bitcoin millionaire who had a threesome with model Ivana Smit and his wife, Luna Almaz, on the night Smit died. Johnson and Almaz admitted that the pair had both been in a relationship with Smit prior to her death in December 2017. However, the couple has denied allegations that they had any involvement in the Dutch model’s death in a new interview with the Daily Mail.

Smit plunged to her death from Johnson’s high rise apartment, falling 14 stories, following a night of partying with the couple. The trio were seen out drinking in the area of Bangar, around 20 miles from Johnson’s home. Johnson, who now lives in Florida, said that his family has been subjected to a “witch hunt” because of their lifestyle. The Johnson family left Malaysia in March 2018 in the wake of the case.

Smit’s father has long maintained that Johnson and Almaz were responsible for his daughter’s death. Following Smit’s death, the Johnson’s were held in custody for two weeks and their young daughter was taken to live with her nanny.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Johnson Said He & His Wife Have ‘Enjoyed the Company of Other Women’ During Their Marriage

Alex Johnson Facebook

Facebook/Alex Johnson

During Johnson’s interview with the Daily Mail, he defended the couple’s lifestyle saying, “We have enjoyed the company of other women over the course of our marriage. I honestly don’t give a s*** what anybody thinks anymore. We are numb to it… We have had a year and a half of this. We have lost everything and started over again. I don’t care anymore.” Johnson is a native of Texas who moved around before settling in Malaysia where he ran a bitcoin business out of his home that existed in the Asian markets.

While Johnson’s wife, a native of Kazakhstan, described Smit as her “friend” and said that she wished she could have gotten to know the late model better. Police said that selfies were sent from Smit’s phone to her boyfriend, Luka Kramer, at 7:25 a.m. on the day the model died. Police said the model died at around 10 a.m. local time. The couple maintains that they were asleep when she plunged to her death. Smit’s body was found at around 3 a.m.

2. Surveillance Video From the Night Smit Died, Showed Her Being Carried Unconsciously on to an Elevator

The Daily Mail reported that surveillance video had been uncovered showing Johnson carrying Smit out of a night club and putting her in an elevator. During Smit’s autopsy, traces of drugs and alcohol were found in her body.

Johnson told the Daily Mail in May 2019, “We have had our experiences and partied with narcotics. But when our daughter was born six years ago, we pulled away from the entire nightlife scene. Once in a while we would dip our toe in and come out and that was one of those nights when we dipped our toes in. Prior to our daughter, we’d go out six nights a week.”

3. Two Inquests in Malaysia Ruled that Smit’s Death Was Accidental

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Facebook/Ivana Smit

In March 2019, the second of two inquests in Malaysia into Smit’s death ruled it as a suicide, reported the Associated Press at the time. Smit’s body had been flown back to the Netherlands before the second autopsy where a coroner ruled that Johnson’s DNA had been found under her fingernails as well as bruises and trauma on the back of her neck.

The Malaysian coroner concluded that although there could have been some kind of struggle that led to Smit’s death, he had ruled it “death by misadventure.”

4. Johnson Used to Be ‘Vanilla’

Alex Johnson LinkedIn

Alex Johnson/LinkedIn

In an interview with the Daily Mail in December 2017, Johnson’s ex-wife Mary Ann Sgarlato said her former husband had been “very apple pie, very vanilla.” Sgarlato added that Johnson was not into the partying lifestyle when the couple was together.

Since the scandal broke, Johnson said that his family had to escape Malaysia and Almaz had to shut down her digital marketing company. During their 2019 Daily Mail interview, the couple said they rarely venture far from their Miami home.

5. Ivana Smit Had Lived in Malaysia Since She Was 3 Years Old

Ivana Smit Facebook page

Facebook/Ivana SmitIvana Smit pictured on her Facebook page, a month before her death.

Ivana Smit, an aspiring model, had been living in Malaysia since the age of three. At the time of her death, she had been an aspiring model.

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