Who Is Nils Lofgren? A Legendary American Rock Musician

Getty Nils Lofgren

On Saturday, a most unlikely Twitter war broke out between Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci and Nils Lofgren, a songwriter, musician, and a long time member of Bruce Springsteen‘s iconic E Street Band. When Scaramucci tried to take the rocker down by saying, “No one knows who he is. . . A complete joke. I am happy for you that I was able to raise your profile for a few moments after you attacked me. Go back to being a nobody now” — the Twitterverse was quick to school The Mooch.

Lofgren’s been a force in the music industry for nearly half a century, was a member of Crazy Horse, the founder of the band Grin, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 2014, and his fans took extreme offense to the comment the he is “a nobody,” especially coming from the guy who was White House Press Secretary for a whole 11 days.

It all started when Lofgren retweeted an MSNBC clip with the caption “This ass wipe is still trying to get a gig in the #WhiteHouse . @MSNBC why? Don’t sully yourself with this nit wit. @Scaramucci PLEASE #AAL”

In response, The Mooch retweeted Lofgren’s message with “Second fiddle… must be tough!” and then followed up with “a 10th fiddle intellect” after Lofgren countered with “I’m not the one still trying to get a job a sinking ship. And that word scramble on #huckagee was something to behold. @MSNBC really must have been scraping at the bottom of the barrel. Self esteem, right now about 100.”

Lofgren, 67, retweeted his favorite supportive responses from fans on Twitter, and closed the argument by saying “More laughing. Theres your problem moochster. I’m not worried about my profile. That’s your thing. I’m worried about this country that I love. Not working for this criminal enterprise you call a presidency.”

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