Democratic Debate: Recap Through Memes, Tweets & Reactions

Dem Debate Memes

Twitter Dem Debate Memes

Here are the best memes and tweets to help recap the September 12 Democratic debate. From Kamala Harris sharing a lot of jokes to Cory Booker saying he was scared of Justin Trudeau’s hair, a lot of very interesting moments happened tonight. The candidates didn’t hold back tonight in what might have been the most entertaining debate yet for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

From the Opening Statements, Viewers Knew It Would Be a Fun Debate

One of the first big moments in the debate happened when Andrew Yang invited people to his website during his opening speech. He asked people to share what they would do with $1,000 a month, and 10 people will receive just that. Pete Buttigieg was pretty much speechless after Yang’s opening.

Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, sounded like he had a cold because his voice was really hoarse.

Marianne Williamson Was Missed

When Julian Castro accused Joe Biden of losing his mind, viewers couldn’t help but wish for Marianne Williamson’s presence.

Yang’s comment about knowing a lot of doctors because he’s Asian got some attention too.

Some people thought he should at least get points for trying to say jokes during the debate, even if they didn’t all hit.

And then there was the big argument about who represented Barack Obama the best. Julian Castro had some words for Joe Biden about that (again.)

Biden Had Some Interesting Moments & Kamala Was Asked Tough Questions

Then there was the exchange between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, when Sanders talked about how much things cost in healthcare and Biden said: “This is America.”

And some people really enjoyed the moderators’ questions. They had tough ones, including asking Kamala Harris why her she didn’t do what she’s promising now while she was in office.

That moment caused some people to wish for Tulsi Gabbard’s presence.

And some thought Harris wasn’t so happy about being asked that question, even though she said: “I’m glad you asked that question.”

The moment when Elizabeth Warren talked about her Aunt Bee was a sweet one.

Here’s a photo of Warren’s Aunt Bee in real life, as she shared on a Medium post in February.


In a more sobering moment, Beto O’Rourke vowed to literally take AR-15 weapons away from Americans, which will likely be a controversial moment.

Some people are already angry about O’Rourke’s comment.

But the most combative moments pretty much belonged to Julian Castro every time he addressed Joe Biden.

Then again, everyone was pretty tough on Biden.

And just as Sanders predicted, pharmaceutical ads aired during the debate.

The Jokes Were Great Tonight

When O’Rourke spoke in Spanish, everyone wondered if Booker was next.

Kamala Harris had some memorable moments too. She said that Trump was like the Wizard of Oz, who is very small when you pull back the curtain. The moderator wasn’t sure how to respond to that comparison and Harris just laughed, a lot.

Some people on Twitter jokingly wondered if she was drunk.

More likely, she was just trying to be more lighthearted this time around, like when she told Biden that he needed to embrace “Yes we can” policies like Obama did.

But this next interpretation of Harris, wondering if she was “possessed by the vengeful spirit of Marianne Williamson,” is really funny.

Cory Booker, while talking about trade, said he found Justin Trudeau’s hair to be pretty menacing.

Sanders pointed out that he never believed what Cheney and Bush said about Iraq, and that was a big difference between him and Biden. Biden didn’t disagree.

Sanders also explained the difference between democratic socialism and the socialism in Venezuela. He said democratic socialism is like Canada, where healthcare is guaranteed, not like Venezuela. He said democratic socialism encompasses a living minimum wage and creating an economy that works for everyone.

This reaction to the debate regarding Harris was cute:

Public education was a big topic tonight.

When discussing public school, Warren reminded everyone that she was a public school teacher.

And Yang talked a lot about statistics and data, which fits well with his Math slogan.

Biden had a moment where he brought up a lot of points very quickly during his short allotted time, including “playing a record player at night.” Of course, Twitter wasn’t about to let that moment go.

But maybe he was just addressing hipsters…

The final question of the night asked each candidate about their biggest professional setback and what they learned from it. During Biden’s question, a group of hecklers began yelling.

Overall, whatever the protesters were yelling didn’t seem to have much effect because no one can seem to figure out what they were saying.


At one point earlier in the night, Pete Buttigieg joked about his rank in the military.


Overall, there were a lot of jokes passed around tonight.

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