Your Must-See News Headlines for Today, November 28

Happy turkey day, America! Read on to see what’s open and what’s closed on this federal holiday.

The now-former America’s Got Talent judges Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough speak out about leaving the show.

And a California woman known as Metaphysical Meagan has taken the internet by storm with her claim that sunning your… butthole… can be physically beneficial.

Here’s what you need to know in the daily roundup.

TOP STORY: What’s Open & Closed On Thanksgiving

Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving Near Me


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Most of the country will be gathering with friends and family today for traditional feasts of turkey, stuffing and green bean casserole. Many businesses will be closed to mark the holiday and allow employees to celebrate with their own families.

For example, any financial transactions that you need to do will have to wait until tomorrow because all banks are closed today. Online transactions will likely not process until Black Friday as well. Federal offices are also closed, meaning that there is no mail delivery. Your local DMV will also be closed for business.

However, if you forgot a few key ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast, there are options. Most Walmart locations will be open all day. Kroger stores are also open today, but most will have limited hours and close by about 5 p.m. CVS stores are also open for business on Thanksgiving, but most pharmacies will be closed.

Now if you burn the turkey or are craving a different kind of snack later on in the day, your options are a bit more limited. Restaurants such as P.F. Chang’s, Shake Shack, California Pizza Kitchen, Panera, and Outback Steakhouse are all closed today. Restauarants that are staying open include Buca di Beppo, McDonald’s, Burger King, Boston Market, and TGI Friday’s. For those needing a coffee fix, you’re in luck. Starbucks and Dunkin’ locations are open today.

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WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: Gabrielle Union & Julianne Hough Are Out at ‘America’s Got Talent’

AGT 2019 New Judges

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBCGabrielle Union and Julianne Hough

America’s Got Talent judges Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough will not be returning for the next season of the reality competition after NBC decided not to renew their contracts. Hough has denied reports that she is leaving due to a “toxic” work culture in which she and Union received excessive criticism about their hair and makeup. Hough told Variety in a statement that she had a “wonderful time” on the show and was excited to participate in two upcoming holiday specials for NBC.

As for Union, it had been reported that she spoke up about racial insensitivity on set. For example, Union allegedly spoke up after guest host Jay Leno reportedly made a joke that a painting of Simon Cowell with his dogs looked like something “on the menu at a Korean restaurant.” Union allegedly urged producers to address the joke with human resources because it could be offensive to Asian-Americans. The joke was cut from the show. In a separate incident, Union reportedly expressed concern about a white male contestant who impersonated African-American performers. His audition was also edited out of the show.

Union’s husband, NBA star Dwyane Wade, had addressed the fact that his wife had not willingly left America’s Got Talent. In a Twitter thread, he wrote that “Over this past year I’ve been approached by many people saying that my wife @itsgabrielleu is the main reason they’ve started watching #AGT or that they love her insight and sincerity on the show. So when i got the news that my wife was being fired—my first question was obviously why!? Iam still waiting on a good answer to that question. But if anyone knows @itsgabrielleu or have heard of her you know she’s an advocate for our community and culture. As proud as i were of her being selected as a judge on #AGT— I am even more proud of her standing up for what she stands for and that’s US.”

Union also shared a breif statement on social media without directly mentioning AGT. The actress wrote, “So many tears, so much gratitude. THANK YOU! Just when you feel lost, adrift, alone… you got me up off the ground. Humbled and thankful, forever ❤”

OFF-BEAT: California Woman Goes Viral After Promoting ‘Perineum Sunning’

A massage therapist and self-proclaimed healer in California has captured the internet’s attention because of her advocacy for a practice called “perineum sunning.” Metaphysical Meagan, whose real name is Meagan Whitson, posted multiple photos of herself practicing yoga while naked. (The images have her private parts blurred out in order to comply with Instagram’s standards). In the captions, she explained that during her morning ritual, she makes sure to expose her butthole to the sun for a few minutes.

Whitson alleges that this practice is an ancient Taoist tradition that allows “solar energy from the sun into the organs.” She says that “30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on!” Whitson claims that the daily sun exposure to her nether regions has helped her to sleep better, provided her with more energy than coffee, increased her ability to focus during the day, and given her a “better connection” to her “sexual energy.”

The posts were shared to other social media channels and have since gone viral, sparking online debate about whether her claims could be legitimate. Medical professionals, however, say that Whitson’s claims are unfounded and that there is no evidence to support the idea that exposing your butthole to the sun has any physical benefits whatsoever. You can read more about Whitson’s claims and her background here.


  • North Korea fired two short-range missiles toward Japan today, according to South Korean officials.
  • Tens of thousands of people near Houston, Texas were forced to evacuate their homes following explosions at a chemical plant.
  • Actress Jennifer Agostini says she and three friends were beaten in an alleged anti-white attack.
  • A teenager in Phoenix had to be rescued after getting stuck inside the chimney at her own home.
  • What’s the real story behind The Irishman on Netflix?


There is great news on this Thanksgiving Day about a former president. Jimmy Carter is back home from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta in time to celebrate the holiday.

Carter had to undergo brain surgery more than two weeks ago to reduce swelling caused by recent falls. The Carter Center announced Wednesday that the former president would continue to recover at home with wife Rosalynn. The statement adds, “The Carters are grateful for all the prayers, cards, and notes they have received and hope everyone will join them in enjoying a special Thanksgiving.”

At 95 years old, Carter is the oldest living president.

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