Jennifer Agostini: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jennifer agostini

Jennifer Agostini

Jennifer Agostini is a New York-based actress who says she and her friends were brutally beaten in an attack that they say may have been racially motivated.

According to a petition filed in New York County Supreme Court, Agostini and three others allege that they were attacked outside of a Manhattan nightclub, seemingly without provocation. Her attorney, Matthew B. Waller, says that they were beaten by members of the security team and other customers at the bar. Weller adds that the women were referred to as “dirty white b*tches.”

Agostini’s petition was to ask for a court order demanding that the Sky Room nightclub preserve all video footage of the attack as well as documentation about the security workers.

Agostini was recently cast in a new show called Brooklyn Ties that was scheduled to begin filming in the spring of 2020. She says she will need plastic surgery to fix the damage done to her face in the attack.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Jennifer Agostini & Three Others Were Attending a Birthday Party At the Sky Room & Ran Up a Bar Tab of Nearly $1,000

jennifer agostini

Jennifer Agostini went to the Sky Room nightclub in midtown Manhattan on November 23, 2019, around 11 p.m., according to the petition filed in New York County Supreme Court. She was with model Prendinellys Garcia, Garcia’s husband Cal Stuart, and Christopher Selletti.

They were at Sky Room to celebrate actress Nina Martinez’s birthday. The group purchased VIP tickets and bottle service after they arrived. The group ran up a tab of more than $900 over the course of the night.

The petition explains that around 3 a.m., the group was told they had to leave the VIP area even though they had just ordered another bottle worth $350. After about another 30 minutes, Stuart paid the bill and they headed to the lobby.

The petition states that as the group was preparing to leave, one of their female acquaintances realized that she didn’t have her credit card. She apparently tried to go back inside to ask the host for her card. That is when the chaos erupted.

2. Court Papers: A Bouncer Pushed Jennifer Agostini’s Friend & the Group Was Attacked As They Tried to Leave the Lobby

Jennifer Agostini’s lawyer claims that one of the security workers at the Sky Room triggered the violence. The court petition alleges that as Jennifer Agostini’s friend attempted to go back inside to find her credit card, the bouncer “pushed the young lady” and then “proceeded to continue to manhandle two women.”

Agostini’s lawyer doesn’t appear to know the bouncer’s name. The physical description given in the petition described the bouncer as a “black male, bald head, white goatee, wandering eye approximately six feet two inches tall wearing a black turtle neck and black pants.”

Cal Stuart intervened, reportedly telling the man, “You don’t have to put your hands on a woman like that.” The unidentified bouncer reportedly “threatened to harm” Stuart. The petition states that at that point, the group started to leave.

But before they could get very far, a group of 10 to 15 people allegedly attack Stuart and his wife, Prendinellys Garcia. The petition says that Agostini and Christopher Selletti got involved to try to defend their friends, but ended up getting beaten as well. The court document alleges that security personnel were among those who attacked the group, as well as customers who were friends with the bouncers.

3. Agostini’s Lawyer Argues That She & Her Friends Were Attacked Because They Are White

jennifer agostini

Jennifer Agostini court petition

Jennifer Agostini and her friends reported that they felt they were targeted because of their skin color. The attackers yelled insults at Agostini and Garcia that had to do with their money and fair skin.

According to the court document, the insults included “f*ck those white b*tches with their money,” “white motherf*ckers” and “dirty white b*tches.”

Prendinellys Garcia told the New York Daily News that several of the alleged attackers were black women. Garcia told the newspaper, “I’m Puerto Rican, my girlfriends are white, my husband’s white, everybody else is white. It was crazy.”

Garcia added that Agostini received the worst of the beating. She alleged that other security workers did nothing to stop the fight.

4. Jennifer Agostini Suffered Facial Lacerations & a Traumatic Head Injury

jennifer agostini

Jennifer Agostini

The group went to the emergency room at New York University Hospital-Langone following the attack. They checked in at about 5 a.m. on November 24. The court petition states that Jennifer Agostini and Prendinellys Garcia suffered the worst injuries.

According to a medical report filed in New York County Supreme Court, Agostini suffered facial lacerations that will leave permanent scarring, as well as a traumatic head injury. The medical report notes that Agostini did not appear to be suffering from a brain bleed or serious concussion, but was advised to watch for certain symptoms that could develop later on.

jennifer agostini

Jennifer Agostini

Her legal team included a black and white photo of Agostini after the attack that showed blood running down her face. She told the New York Post, “I was pushed onto the ground and eight individuals jumped on top of me and brutally assaulted me. I have five stitches in my head. My whole eye is closed. I am going to have numerous scars on my face.” She added that she will require plastic surgery to try to fix the scarring.

Prendinellys Garcia suffered a black eye and had lacerations to her scalp. Her husband, Carl Stuart was also beaten over his entire body in the melee. Their friend Christopher Selletti “received a puncture to his lung and rib area.”

5. The Group Did Not File a Police report But Has Asked a Judge to Order the Bar to Preserve Documentation Including Employee Information & Video Footage

jennifer agostini

As of this writing, Jennifer Agostini and her friends had not filed a report with the New York City Police Department. Cal Stuart told the New York Post that he was “consulting his lawyers” about filing a police report.

The petition that was filed in New York County Supreme Court was aimed at making sure that video footage of the attack was preserved, as well as documentation about the security company that hires the bouncers. The petition was targeted at Sky Bar Times Square Inc, the PM Hospitality Group and the Gehr Group.

Agonisti’s attorney wrote in the petition that the night club is “in possession of video evidence which will show the assault.” The document alleges that the “bald, African-American, silver goatee security member not only instigated the assault but was also a participant. This security staff member at his behest had gang members who were his friends assist in the participation of the assault. The New York State Courts are clear on the law regarding the preservation of video evidence. The Respondents must secure the videotapes concerning the assault footage and cannot erase the footage or tape over it.”

The attorney also asks the court to compel the companies to “secure their logs, papers, materials and memorandum regarding their employees and security staff for the night of November 24-25 2019. It is not clear if African-American, bald, silver goatee is an employee of Sky Bar or an employee of a separate security company hired by Sky Bar. His decision to assault VIP patrons will now be the subject of litigation and perhaps the suspension of Sky Bar’s liquor license.”

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