Teaneck, New Jersey Map: Residents Asked to Self-Quarantine for Coronavirus

Teaneck New Jersey Map

Google Maps Teaneck New Jersey Map

The entire town of Teaneck, New Jersey has been asked to self-quarantine after a cluster of coronavirus cases was discovered there. This is not an official quarantine, but residents are asked to act like it is and isolate themselves to stop the spread of the virus. Teaneck is located in Bergen County. Here’s more information about what’s happening and a map of where the town is located.

Teaneck, New Jersey Map & Cases

You can see a map of Teaneck, New Jersey below.

In a Facebook post, Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin said that cases weren’t coming just from one community but from all communities in the town.

New Jersey had a total of 32 cases and many of those were in Bergen County as of March 12, Daily Voice reported. A 16-year-old girl was hospitalized from coronavirus there and all 75 school districts in Bergen County are closing. By March 14, those cases were up to 69 in New Jersey, including one death, PIX 11 reported.

In Bergen County where Teaneck is located, there are 31 positive cases. And in Teaneck itself, there are at least 18 to 21 cases.

A look at Teaneck’s website shows all its events currently canceled.


One resident asked Mayor Hameeduddin on Facebook what to do if his boss was making him come to work. Hameeduddin replied: “Teaneck is not quarantined. We are asking resident to quarantine themselves for their own protection and the protection of others.” 

Self-quarantining involves staying home and eating at home, not going to restaurants and eating out, he told NBC New York. He said: “That means no play dates, that means your nuclear family stays with your nuclear family. I’m not visiting my sister, I’m not visiting my parents. That is the best way to stop the spread of this.”

Residents are asked to only leave their homes for food and medicine.

A state of emergency was also declared in New Jersey earlier this week.

Hameeduddin shared a photo demonstrating social distancing for an NBC interview.

Teaneck emergency services asks anyone calling 911 to let them know if they’re experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Schools in Teaneck have been closed indefinitely beginning March 16.

The town has about 40,000 residents. You can stay updated on Teaneck news through this local source here.

Hameeduddin said Teaneck is “ground zero” after cases increased to 18 and the town accounted for 60 percent of the county’s cases, NorthJersey.com reported.

“There are people that don’t understand that this is something we haven’t seen since World War II,” he said.

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