Republicans’ State of the Union Response Live Stream: Watch Online

Getty Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds speaks at a campaign event for Senate candidate Sen. Joni Ernst in 2020.

Tonight, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds will be giving the Republicans’ official response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union 2022. You can watch the response on live stream (and later on a rewatchable full video) via the video options below. Biden’s speech will begin at 9 p.m. Eastern and is expected to last no longer than 90 minutes, but will likely end closer to 10 p.m. Eastern. The Republicans’ response will begin shortly after Biden’s speech ends. That means you should keep a close eye on this video sometime around 10 p.m. Eastern just so you don’t miss anything. The video will be fully replayable after the response ends.

The Republicans’ SOTU Response Will Begin Shortly After the SOTU Ends

The video above will show only Gov. Kim Reynolds’ response to Biden’s State of the Union.

If you want to see both, the video below from CBS will show both Biden’s State of the Union, and then it will continue playing and show Reynolds’ response.

SOTU Responses Are Typically Shorter than the SOTU Itself

The Republicans’ response is traditionally much shorter than the State of the Union itself. The SOTU could last up to 90 minutes (although it will likely be closer to 60 minutes), while the Republicans’ response is typically closer to 10 to 15 minutes in length.

Reynolds will speak from Des Moines, Iowa. Her speech will be the only official SOTU response. However, the Working Families Party will also deliver its own response after the SOTU too.

It’s a tradition for the opposite party to deliver a response after the State of the Union. Last year, Sen. Tim Scott delivered the Republicans’ response to Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress. You can watch his response in the video below.

Two years ago, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivered the Democrats’ SOTU response to Trump’s State of the Union. You can watch her video below.

Before that, Stacey Abrams delivered the response. While you’re waiting on Reynolds’ speech, you can rewatch Abrams’ response below.


CBS Iowa reported that local Republican leaders are excited about Reynolds’ giving the speech.

Sen. Chuck Grassley said: “Governor Reynolds prioritized fairness and freedom and we see it working everyday, unlike states that are run by Democratic governors. New York and California, for example, how they couldn’t fight the virus and keep their economies going at the same time. So Iowa is a roadmap for the rest of the nation.”

Kim Reynolds is married to Kevin Reynolds, the First Gentleman of Iowa. They’ve been married since April 3, 1982, according to his official biography on the Governor of Iowa website. He and Kim first met in high school. They have three daughters: Jennifer, Nicole, and Jessica. All three daughters are married, and the Reynolds have 11 grandchildren.

In 2021, the Reynolds moved to Madison County after purchasing property about 30 miles southwest of Des Moines, Des Moines Register reported. They bought the home and 20 acres of farmland from Kim Reynolds’ parents for $492,500.

In 2018, Reynolds shared on social media that her daughters and her grandchildren were all educated in the public school system. She wrote, “We value education here in Iowa and that is a tribute to all our educators, young people, and parents.”

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