Ex-Redskins HOG Reveals True Feelings on Washington Commanders

Mark Schlereth

Getty Mark Schlereth was a two-time Pro Bowler who won three Super Bowl rings — one with Washington, two with Denver.

The Washington Commanders are set to enter the NFC East in 2022. The much-anticipated name change for the Washington Football Team was two years in the making. The final choice hasn’t been going over well.

Fans of the team blasted the organization and team owner Dan Snyder for not listening to better options. Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Red Hogs, Commanders, Red Wolves, and Defenders were top finalists. Commanders won out and everyone has an opinion, including legendary former players like Mark Schlereth.

The two-time Pro Bowler was a second-generation “Hog” (drafted in 1989) for the Redskins and won a Super Bowl there in 1992. Schlereth, who won two more rings in 1998 and 1999 in Denver, isn’t a fan of the Commanders and poked fun at the meaning behind it. Blame ownership.

Schlereth told Heavy: “They sound like a USFL team. What are you in command of? Fourth place in the NFC East? Is that what you’re in command of? I played there, I’m a Hog, I wanted them to go Hogs or Red Hogs. I don’t want anything that makes you think about Capitol Hill. I don’t want anything about politics.

“I don’t want Generals. I don’t want Commanders. I don’t want anything like that. No Senators, none of that stuff. This is a football team. Whatever, typical Dan Snyder — nobody wants it so that’s the one I’m going with, you know, whatever. I wasn’t a fan of that name. They should have just kept the Washington Football Team.”

Schlereth spoke to Heavy while promoting Hydroxycut’s “Big Game Sweepstakes” and “Big Game Workout” happening in Los Angeles prior to the Super Bowl on February 12. One lucky person will have the chance to win $100,000 if an offensive or defensive lineman scores a touchdown during the Bengals-Rams game on February 13. Other prizes include free groceries for a year and 12-month gym memberships (click here to enter).

Thicc Six” touchdowns are becoming more commonplace in the NFL. It happened 11 times during the 2021 regular season, including one from Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson. The last person to record one in a Super Bowl was Malik Jackson in 2016. 

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Schlereth Makes Super Bowl Prediction

Schlereth joked that he’ll be wearing a “headband and leg warmers” since the “Big Game Workout” has a 1990s theme to it. He’ll be joined by Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles, as well as actress Tori Spelling and fitness personality, Callie Bundy. They are working with Hydroxycut to help people lose weight during America’s second-highest food consumption holiday.

Said Schlereth: “As a former offensive lineman myself who benefited from eating a lot during my playing days, I can say that it’s particularly hard to stay away from all the foods associated with watching football.”

As far as the Super Bowl goes, the Rams have jumped up to 4.5-point favorites in the game. Schlereth thinks they are the more talented team and threw his support behind them.

“I’ve been picking against Cincinnati all year and it hasn’t been going well for me, but I’m going to pick against them again,” Schlereth said. “I think the Rams are a better football team. They were there a few years ago, I think there’s a little bit of merit that you learn from your past mistakes. I’ll take the Rams. I think they’re a little more of a complete football team.”

Munoz Sticking with His Bengals

Munoz didn’t mention his wardrobe selection for the “Big Game Workout” but the Hall of Famer has a definite rooting interest in the Super Bowl. He spent 13 incredible seasons in Cincinnati — nine All-Pro selections, 11 straight Pro Bowls — and he’s widely considered to be the greatest left tackle ever. He’ll be cheering proudly for the Bengals and picked them to win.

“I think our guys can win,” Munoz told Heavy. “If they can play mistake-free and if they can maintain that defensive line. I think they match up well defensively with their offense. Don’t allow Aaron Donald to raise havoc and be the game-changer. I feel good about it. I really think we can have our first Lombardi Trophy coming up this next week.”

The 63-year-old appeared in Super Bowl XVI and XXIII but walked away on the losing end both times. He retired in 1992 and never got the opportunity to raise the Lombardi Trophy. Munoz said he’ll be there at the Bengals’ Super Bowl parade should it happen. If it does, credit Joe Burrow.

“He’s amazing,” Munoz said. “Everyone I’ve talked to just absolutely loves him and that’s who he is in person — the poise, the smarts … it’s his team. They play for him. And they love playing together.”

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