Kim Pegula: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kim Pegula, along with her Sabres owning husband, Terry, is set to become the new owner of the Buffalo Bills. The ownership of the NFL team had been in question since the death of team patriarch, Ralph Wilson, back in March 2014. The Pegula’s winning bid for the franchise is believed to be around $1.4 billion. The agreement will keep the team in western New York, where the Pegulas have deep roots.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kim Grew Up in Rochester

She’s a native of Rochester, New York, and grew up in the area. In an interview with WGRZ, she spoke about her family’s love of hockey, her parents are from Montreal. She admitted however that they were not fans of the Buffalo Sabres, the Pegula’s other team. In 2010, when Terry Pegula was in the process of purchasing the Sabres, Forbes speculated that having Kim on board as Buffalo-area native, would be a good thing for the franchise.

2. The Pegulas Live in Boca Raton

Terry Pegula wife Canadian

Terry Pegula. (Getty)

Far from Rochester, Kim and her husband now spend most of their time in Boca Raton, Florida. The couple formed their company, East Resources Incorporated in 1983, thanks to a family loan of $7,500. It was one of the largest privately held companies in America. In 2010, the Pegulas sold their company to Shell, after that, they began buying sports teams.

The couple also own a record country music label, Black Label Entertainment, based out of Nashville.

3. She Donated $12 Million to her Former College in 2011

Kim Pegula Terry Pegula Wedding


Her alma-mater is Houghton College, a private Christian school in New York state. In 2011, she donated $12 million dollars to the school. The donation was specifically for new athletic facilities at the school. Kim graduated from Houghton in 1991 with a degree in communications.

4. Her Daughter Is a Professional Tennis Player

Jessica Pegula Daughter Kim Terry Pegula


Kim’s daughter, Jessica, is a professional tennis player. Jessica Pegula is on the ITF Circuit. They have four other children, Michael, Laura, Kelly and Matthew.

5. She’s a Republican

Tom Corbett Terry Pegula

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. (Getty)

The Pegula’s are big supporters of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. During the 2010 gubernatorial race, the Terry and Kim donated $305,000 to his cause. Terry Pegula made his money originally through natural gas, Corbett is seen as a pro-drilling candidate.

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