Jack Elway, John’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Denver Police Department

Denver Police Department

Jack Elway, son of John Elway, was arrested on assault charges against his girlfriend and later pleaded guilty, with photos of her injuries finally surfacing.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. TMZ Sports Recently Obtained Photos of Elway’s Ex-Girlfriend After She Was Assaulted

According to TMZ Sports, Jack Elway’s now ex-girlfriend, is still extremely traumatized after Elway assaulted her in late May and is still in therapy dealing with the toll it took on her. You can see the photos in either the link above or here. TMZ Sports has stated they have reached out to Jack Elway on comment but there has been no response.

2. Elway Was Arrested by Police After His Girlfriend Called the Police

Elway’s ex-girlfriend stated the two were driving when an argument broke out between them, near the intersection of West Colfax Avenue and North Lipan Street. She said Elway stopped the car, pulling her out of it by her hair extensions and ripping them out, before she tried standing up, when he shoved her back to the ground. Among emotional trauma, she received various physical injuries which you can see above, with a protection ordered issued for her. Elway initially had fled the scene and was arrested on disturbing the peace and assault charges, with bail was set at $550. John Elway, his father, picked Jack up from jail.

3. He Pleaded Guilty to Assault Charges Only to Have Them Dropped

In September, Jack Elway plead guilty to charges of disturbing the peace and assault. However, through a plea agreement, he only plead guilty disturbing the peace and the Denver city attorney’s office dropped the assault charge, with Jack sentenced to a year of probation.

If he is without any incidents for a year, Jack Elway will be able to withdraw his guilty plea and the case against him will be dismissed. Elway was ordered to pay fines and court costs, while also attending some domestic violence counseling and cannot have contact with the victim.

4. Elway Signed a Letter of Intent With Arizona State

Jack Elway was a red-shirt freshman quarterback when he was recruited and one of five competing for a starting sport at Arizona State University. He quit the team in spring 2009, ASU coach Dennis Erickson said, “He’s just tired of football and wants to do something else with his life. He made a decision, and we all understand it. He would have played here eventually.”

5. He Received All-State Honors in High School

Elway graduated from Cherry Creek High School in Colorado and was on the 2008 Colorado All-State team. Winning All-State honors in his senior year before being recruited by ASU.

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