Jose Canseco Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jose Canseco Rape Charge

Former-MLB star has been shot at his home in Las Vegas, reports KLAS-TV.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. He Was Cleaning His Gun & it Went Off



The shooting is believed to have been an accident. According to NBC News’ Ron Mott, Canseco was cleaning his gun when it went off. The former star shot himself in his hand.

2. Canseco Was Rushed to Hospital Where He Underwent Surgery

He is expected to undergo surgery. The incident happened at his home in Las Vegas valley.

3. It’s Not His First Incident With Guns

Canseco has had a difficult history with guns, in 1989 he was arrested for possession of a firearm close to the University of California. When the arrest happened, Canseco was the Major League Baseball’s MVP.

4. Controversy Has Always Been Close to Canseco

He’s been a controversial figure throughout his life, in 2013 he was named as the suspect in a rape case. The allegation was investigated by the Las Vegas PD who opted not to press charges.

5. He Used to Be One of Baseball’s Stars

Jose Canseco Rape Charge

Canseco is one of Major League Baseball’s many 90’s stars whose career was tarnished amid steroid allegations.