Peggy Prescott, Dak’s Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dak Prescott has overcome a lot to make it to the NFL. From being drafted in the 4th round of the 2016 NFL Draft to becoming a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak has had many athletic achievements but keeps the memory of his mother, Peggy Precott, close to his heart after her death in 2013.

He honors Peggy’s memory by pointing to the sky after every touchdown he scores.

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Here’s what you need to know about the woman behind the Cowboys quarterback.

1. Peggy Prescott Died in 2013 From Colon Cancer

Prescott, 52, fought the disease for more than a year but finally succumbed to the cancer on Nov. 3, 2013. She kept the disease a secret for a year before she let Dak know about it prior to last season. Prescott opened up about the experience in an interview with ESPN last year.

“You couldn’t tell she had anything wrong with her,” he said. “She was a warrior.”

2. Peggy Prescott Raised Three Sons by Herself

According to the New York Daily News, Peggy divorced husband Nathaniel when their three boys — Tad, Jace and Dak — were very young. She worked at a truck stop and raised the boys in a trailer park, according to a profile written by Kevin Armstrong.

She walked and worked everyday in Tiger country, raising her three boys — Tad, Jace and Dak (short for Dakota) — in a trailer at the Pine Creek Mobile Estates in Princeton, La. Tad and Jace shared one bedroom; for the longest time, Dak and his mother shared the other. Peggy provided for all of them and spoiled her youngest son.

3. Peggy Prescott Loved Football

Prescott was a regular at all her sons’ games growing up. Toward the end of her life, when her cancer made attending Mississippi State games difficult, she used a wheelchair.

4. Peggy’s Family Supported Her Through Her Fight Against Cancer

In a show of solidarity, Dak Prescott shaved his head when Peggy lost her hair during chemotherapy. The image above is the last one Dak posted of his mom online before she died. In addition to her family standing by her side, her Louisiana community and the Mississippi State community both rallied around her and tried to help with her medical expenses.

5. Peggy Had a Big Influence on Dak’s Life

The relationship she had with her youngest son was a special bond. The two regularly spoke and even in death, she remains a big part of who Dak Prescott is. Dak honors his late mother by pointing to the sky after every touchdown he scores and the word “Mom” is written on the wristbands he wears in every game.

Prescott talked about her strength in an interview with Times-Picayune writer Randy Rosetta:

“She was able to fight and never showed weakness in a year-and-a-half. I know she was hurting, but she never told me. Finally she said that she wished there could be one day when she didn’t hurt. She was my No. 1 fan, and she meant more to me than I could ever say. I looked up to her so much. She grew me into who I am today.”