Heidi Mueller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Demarco Murray and his girlfriend, Heidi Mueller.


Heidi Mueller is the girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys star Demarco Murray. She’s a former soap star who has yet to comment on allegations that Murray has been having an affair with his former teammate, Brennan Clay’s, wife, Gina D’Agostini.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She’s the Mother to Demarco’s Daughter, Savanna

In July 2013, Mueller, 32, gave birth to her and Demarco’s daughter, Savanna. Judging by her posts on Twitter and Facebook, Mueller is extremely devoted to Murray. On her description on Instagram, Mueller says, “Love Jesus, my family, my❤️ DeMarco & baby girl Savanna! Go Cowboys!” Her profile pic on the site shows her and Murray together.

Demarco Murray babymama


2. Mueller Was a Soap Star on the Show Passions on NBC

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From 2003 until 2008, Mueller played the role of Kay Bennett on the NBC soap opera Passions. In the show she starred alongside Jesse Metcalfe, who is a close friend of Mueller’s. In 2007, her costar, Juliet Mills, heaped praise on Mueller, saying, “When she started, she had never acted and came from the reality show … she was always very serious about the work and worked really hard to learn her lines. A soap opera is like boot camp. Now, she makes it all seem very spontaneous, and she’s right there for you. It’s really been lovely to see her grow as an actress.” When she joined the show, she was in the middle of her senior year at Liberty University. She completed her psychology degree online, according to her IMDB page.

3. Before Making it on Passions She Appeared in a Reality Show With Her Dad

Don Mueller, Chris Mueller, Heidi Mueller

A promotional pic for Who Wants to Marry My Dad?, showing Heidi, her brother Chris, and dad, Don. (Getty)

In 2003, just before she began her stint on Passions, she starred in a reality show called Who Wants to Marry My Dad?. In the show, Mueller, along with her siblings, helped their father, Don, find a new wife. According to her IMDB page, Mueller had also auditioned to be on The Bachelorette. She’s a native of Cincinnati, Ohio.

4. She Hasn’t Acted Since 2011

Heidi Mueller Pregnant


Her IMDB page indicates little activity since Mueller left Passions in 2008. Her last acting role was in 2011, she starred in a low-budget horror movie called Vile. The plot summary of the movie is:

A group of friends stop to pick up a hitchhiking woman only to end up getting drugged by her with a gas. They awaken to find that vials have been implanted in the base of their skulls – which are of course instantly fatal if they are removed, a grinning professional looking woman informs them on TV screens that they have 22hrs to fill these vials with a specific amount of brain fluid, a fluid that is produced during times of extreme pain. Along with another group of unlucky test subjects and with time ticking away they decide to work together and share the burden of reaching their painful target.

In 2007, Mueller appeared on The Tyra Banks Show, where Mueller helped put Tyra through a soap opera acting school.

5. She’s Previously Dated Mario Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Jamie Kennedy & Joey Lawrence’s Brother

Heidi Mueller Matthew Lawrence


One of Mueller’s most notable relationships prior to Murray was her engagement to Matthew Lawrence, younger brother of TV-star/icon Joey Lawrence. Mueller and Matthew Lawrence were together from 2004-06. She has also been involved with Jamie Kennedy, Josh Duhamel and Mario Lopez.

Heidi Mueller Jamie Kennedy


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