Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kim Sears is the fiancée of tennis star Andy Murray. (Getty)

Kim Sears is the fiancée of tennis star Andy Murray. (Getty)

After 9 years of dating, tennis star Andy Murray and Kim Sears became engaged, and in 2015, they officially tied the knot.

Murray, of Glasgow, and Sears, from Barcombe, are 30 and 29, respectively, and live in Oxshott, Surrey.

Here’s what you need to know about Sears:

1. Sears Met Murray When She Was 17

Murray and Sears celebrate his 2008 U.S. Open title. (Getty)

Murray and Sears celebrate his 2008 U.S. Open title. (Getty)

Sears was just 17 when she met Murray in 2005. She was a student, but was in New York and happened to meet the up-and-coming tennis star at the U.S. Open. Murray was 18 at the time. According to The Sun, Sears’ father introduced them.

After a little persistence on Murray’s end, the two began dating, but kept the relationship low profile.

Sears was a high-achieving student, and studied at Sussex University.

Sears and Murray kept their relationship a secret until Murray won his first tournament in 2006. Playing in California, Sears was in attendance. After Murray’s victory, he found Sears in the crowd and gave her a kiss.

But later that year, the two broke up. The reason was never given, but it was said to be because Murray spent too much time playing video games and not with hanging out with Sears.

The couple reconciled 6 months later and have been together since.

2. She and Andy Welcomed Their First Child February 2016

Sears turned 27 in December 2015. (Getty)

Sears turned 27 in December 2015. (Getty)

Last year, Sears and Murray welcomed their daughter, Sophia Olivia, into the world. They also recently announced that they’re expecting their second child.

Speaking on July 2nd, Murray admitted that the couple has known for a while. “We’re both obviously very happy and looking forward to it,” The Sun reports him as saying. Murray added on, “My child is more important to me and my wife is more important to me than a tennis match.”

3. Sears Was Criticized For a Profane Outburst at The Australian Open

Sears celebrates Murray's semifinal victory at the Australian Open. (Getty)

Sears celebrates Murray’s semifinal victory at the Australian Open. (Getty)

During Murray’s Australian Open tough semifinal victory over Tomas Berdych, Sears was caught on camera apparently swearing.

Here’s the video below:

Sears was criticized heavily on social media and Murray said in a post-match interview:

In the heat of the moment, you can say stuff that you regret.

After being appointed a sir this year, Murray said in an interview, “She’s going to have to…no more swearing during my matches any more, for any of you who saw that a few years ago.”

4. Sears Is an Artist

Sears and Murray share a home in Oxshott, Surrey, UK. (Getty)

Sears and Murray share a home in Oxshott, Surrey, UK. (Getty)

Sears is a painter and her work can be found on her personal website. She almost exclusively paints portraits of animals, and, in particular, dogs.

She also posts a lot of her portraits on her Instagram account @brushesandpaws.

Sears is an animal lover and has 2 Border Terriers.

Kim’s website, which was dedicated to her pet portraits, has been deactivated.

When she isn’t painting, Kim enjoys running. In 2014, she ran the marathon, raising raising £13,251.53 for the charity Malaria No More, according to The Standard.

5. Sears’ Father Is a Respected Tennis Coach



Nigel Sears, Kim’s father, is a tennis guy in his own right. He reached a career-best world ranking of 382 in 1982, but lost his only professional match.

He made his mark in women’s coaching. He coached Daniela Hantuchová, who reached the top 10, and later tutored former WTA top-ranked player Ana Ivanovic. Sears was hired to revive Ivanovic’s career but it never happened. He was fired in following Wimbledon in 2013.

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