List of MLB Players Who Last Wore No. 42

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Jackie Robinson warming up before a game sometime during the 1950s. (Getty)

This year marks the 68th anniversary of when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball. Major League Baseball officially retired Robinson’s No. 42 league-wide on April 15th, 1997.

The ceremony was held at Shea Stadium and Jackie Robinson’s widow Rachel as well as former President Bill Clinton were in attendance.

Dignitaries remember Jackie's first game4/15/97: Commissioner Bud Selig, President Bill Clinton and Jackie Robinson's wife Rachel honor the 50th anniversary of Jackie's first game Check out for our full archive of videos, and subscribe on YouTube for the best, exclusive MLB content: About Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced on January 19, 2000, that the 30…2014-12-05T17:26:08.000Z

Since No. 42 was retired, only a handful of players — usually a player who was already known for wearing that number and was allowed to continue to do so — wore the No. 42. As of today, no active player wears the number anymore. The last MLB player to wear No. 42 was New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera who officially retired from baseball after the 2013 season.

Mariano Rivera posing next to retired numbers in Monument Park (located beyond the center field wall at Yankee Stadium). (Getty)

Mariano Rivera posing next to retired numbers in Monument Park (located beyond the center field wall at Yankee Stadium). (Getty)

Here is the list of players who last wore No. 42 for each MLB franchise (the list starts with the most recent player working backward):

Yankees: Mariano Rivera (1995-2013)
Mets: Mo Vaughn (2002-03)
Tigers: Jose Lima (2001-02)
Twins: Michael Jackson (2002)
Astros: Jose Lima (1997-2001)
Angels: Mo Vaughn (1999-2000)
Brewers: Scott Karl (1995-99)
Indians: Michael Jackson (1997-99)
Orioles: Lenny Webster (1997-99)
Mariners: Butch Huskey (1999)
Red Sox: Mo Vaughn (1991-98)
Royals: Tom Goodwin (1995-97)
Athletics: Buddy Groom (1996-97)
Giants: Kirk Rueter (1996-97)
Pirates: Jason Schmidt (1996-97)
Marlins: Dennis Cook (1997)
Rangers: Marc Sagmoen (1997)
Expos: Kirk Rueter (1993-96)
Rockies: Armando Reynoso (1993-96)
Phillies: Toby Borland (1994-96)
Reds: Roger Salkeld (1996)
White Sox: Scott Ruffcorn (1996)
Cardinals: Jose Olivo (1995)
Padres: Pedro Martinez (1993-94)
Cubs: Dave Smith (1991-92)
Braves: Armando Reynoso (1991-92)
Blue Jays: Xavier Hernandez (1989)
Dodgers: Ray Lamb (1969)

Both of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Rays officially became MLB franchises in 1999, so neither has had a player wear the No. 42.

In a Jackie Robinson Day tradition that has evolved over the last seven years, now, every MLB player wears a No. 42 jersey to commemorate Robinson on April 15th.

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