WATCH: Britt McHenry Curses Out a Parking Lot Attendant

(Twitter via LiveLeak)

(Twitter via LiveLeak)

One who normally breaks the news became the news on Thursday. And it was far from a feel-good story.

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry absolutely went off on a parking lot attendant in a video making its way around social media.

McHenry had her car towed on April 5 in Arlington, Virginia, while eating dinner and took to Twitter to express her displeasure. Those tweets have since been deleted, but you can see them in the previously-linked story.

The video is from McHenry’s trip to get her car back from the garage.

The video was released by LiveLeak.

McHenry is visibly upset and lashes out at the attendant using profanity and a number of put downs, including:

‘Cause I have a brain, and you don’t?

and, as she was leaving:

Lose some weight, baby girl.

Check it out below, but be warned, there is graphic language in the clip:

Wow. That was pretty relentless.

For her actions, ESPN suspended McHenry for one week. Though, according to a TMA Sports story, many of her co-workers believe the punishment was not severe enough, with some allegedly calling for her firing.

Just a few hours after the video broke, McHenry tweeted an apology:

The tow company, Advanced Towing based in Arlington, Virginia, accepted McHenry’s apology and said she should be able to keep her job with ESPN.

McHenry and her unidentified friend leaving the tow garage. (Twitter)

McHenry and her unidentified friend leaving the tow garage. (Twitter)

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Intense? Please You parked your car where you shouldn’t have You screwed up Own up and pay the fee like everyone else would have had to do Just because you are on TV doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else


Fire the cunt! Thinks she’s better than everyone that doesn’t have a degree? Oh I got caught so I’ll appologize and everything will be ok mentality will not Teach her anything! She won’t change! At end of video she’s fliiping them the bird while her friend walking behind her laughs! PHONY apology and Phony person!

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