DraftKings NASCAR: Best Fantasy Racing Contests on May 31

Heavy’s partners over at DraftKings are going to fatten a lot of peoples’ wallets on Sunday, May 31, with a slew of fantasy NASCAR contests.

Sign up with DraftKings and start making big money in fantasy auto racing, beginning with this Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in Dover, Delaware.

DraftKings has a number of fantasy NASCAR contests and games with varying entry fees and payouts for Sunday’s Sprint Cup race in Delaware.

The featured contests for May 31 are:

$50K Slingshot — For just a $3 buy-in, you have a shot to pocket the top prize of $4,000. Second place in the Slingshot gets $3,000 and third takes home $2,000. The top 3,840 finishers will be paid. And even better news: if you’re new to DraftKings and just made your first account deposit, you will receive a $3 voucher which can be redeemed to play in the contest for free. The voucher expires a year from when it was issued.

$4K Lug Nut — Enter for $5 with the winner pocketing $800. Second place receives $400, third $300. The top 200 of potentially 920 entered teams get paid.

$6K Spark Plug — This 573-player contest features a $6,000 guaranteed prize pool and pays out the top 110 finishing positions. First place wins $1,000, second $500 and third $300.

$50K Victory Lane — Turn your $27 entry fee into a first prize of $10,000 in this contest open to the first 2,112 entries. Receive $5K for second place and $2,500 for third. The top 420 teams receive payouts.

$30K High Line — The number of entrants in this contest is limited to 111. The buy-in is $300 and the first prize is $7,000. Second place takes home $4,000 and third $2,500. The top 23 finishing positions win money.

As a first-time user with DraftKings, when you sign up and are prompted for a DraftKings promo code, use “HEAVY.”

Whichever contest you choose, all the fantasy games get underway at 1 p.m. Eastern and they includes all drivers expected to participate in Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series race in Dover, Delaware.

The rules are simple: You get a $50,000 salary cap to spend on 5 drivers. The better your selected drivers do on the track, the better your fantasy team does, the better chance you have to make money. See the scoring key below.

Also for first-time players, when you sign up you get a 100 percent deposit bonus up to $600. You put in $600, DraftKings will match your $600.

As for your lineup, the scoring key is below, but you want drivers who will finish highly. The higher you finish more, the points you get. You get a half point for the fastest laps and .25 points for laps led. And you also receive a point for place differential, meaning if your selected driver started in position 30 and finishes the race 10th, you get an extra 20 points.

Jimmie Johnson is going for his 10th win at the Delaware mile-track. That’s unheard of. He hasn’t run well the past 2 weeks in Charlotte, but can you really count him out at Dover? No way. At $13,000, he’s the second-most expensive driver behind Kevin Harvick ($13,900). You need to make a choice, because if you choose both, you’re going to be stretching yourself thin filling out the rest of the your lineup.

I chose Johnson because that $900 enabled me to grab both Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Busch, both of whom have a real shot at winning Sunday.

As for my 4 and 5 spots, I went with the Tony Stewart and Matt DiBenedetto combo. Stewart has been off, but runs very well in Delaware. DiBenedetto is a rookie, and he’s been scoring a lot of fantasy points while always starting from near the back of the pack.

Here’s my complete lineup:


Scoring Rules

Drivers will accumulate points as follows:

Place Differential = +/- 1 PTs
Fastest Laps = +0.5 PTs
Laps Led = +0.25 PTs
Pass Differential = +/- 0.25 PTs

Finishing Position Scoring

1st: 46 PTs
2nd: 42 PTs
3rd: 41 PTs
4th: 40 PTs
5th: 39 PTs
6th: 38 PTs
7th: 37 PTs
8th: 36 PTs
9th: 35 PTs
10th: 34 PTs
11th: 33 PTs
12th: 32 PTs
13th: 31 PTs
14th: 30 PTs
15th: 29 PTs
16th: 28 PTs
17th: 27 PTs
18th: 26 PTs
19th: 25 PTs
20th: 24 PTs
21st: 23 PTs
22nd: 22 PTs
23rd: 21 PTs
24th: 20 PTs
25th: 19 PTs
26th: 18 PTs
27th: 17 PTs
28th: 16 PTs
29th: 15 PTs
30th: 14 PTs
31st: 13 PTs
32nd: 12 PTs
33rd: 11 PTs
34th: 10 PTs
35th: 9 PTs
36th: 8 PTs
37th: 7 PTs
38th: 6 PTs
39th: 5 PTs
40th: 4 PTs
41st: 3 PTs
42nd: 2 PTs
43rd: 1 PTs

Scoring Notes:

Place Differential = (Starting Position) – (Finishing Position)

Example: If a driver starts in 20th position and finishes in 10th place then his Place Differential is +10.
A driver’s starting position is based solely on his qualifying position. If a driver’s starting position changes between qualifying and the start of the race for any reason (backup car, driver change, etc.), the qualifying position will be used to calculate place differential.

Pass Differential = Total number of passes minus times passed

Drivers can only pass or be passed when they are on track during green flag laps. Drivers’ number of passes and number of times passed will not increase when drivers are in the pits or in the garage.

Points for Finishing Positon and Place Differential will be updated in real-time during the race. Drivers will gain points as they move up in position and lose points as they drop in position.

Check out the game lobby for all of the live NASCAR contests offered by DraftKings.

DraftKings also offers one-day fantasy games for a variety of other sports like MLB, PGA, NBA, NHL, MMA and soccer.