Who Does Prince Harry Support in English Football?

Prince Harry's football team.


Everybody knows that Prince William’s loyalties lie with Aston Villa, but who captured his brother’s heart? According to a Daily Telegraph article from 2014, Prince Harry is an Arsenal fan. Which is a splendid coincedence since Arsenal and Aston Villa will be doing battle in the 2015 FA Cup Final on May 30 at Wembley stadium. William has already been announced as the royal who will be handing out the famous cup with Harry just back from one of his missions in New Zealand. He was in Kiwi land to help promote the Under 20 FIFA World Cup.

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It was during his trip to New Zealand where Prince Harry dropped a massive bombshell by announcing that most of the royal family are Arsenal fans. Queen Elizabeth II’s fandom of Arsenal legends such as Liam Brady, Frank Stapleton and Eddie McGoldrick has been known since former royal reporter Marcia Moody’s book came out in 2014.

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Sadly, like most with more money and land than sense, Prince Harry is really a rugby fan. He’s worked for the Rugby Football Union as a development officer since 2004. Not only that, but since 2014 he’s been the honorary president of the England-hosted Rugby World Cup in 2015. Also, just like his old man, Prince Harry is also quite the polo fan.